Anthony Schumann Named Assistant Athletic Director


Maxwell Baek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism,

Notre Dame Academy is well known in the area for fielding top notch sports teams, and this week the school added a new key piece to its successful athletic program. 

Mr. Anthony Schumann has been hired as the new assistant athletic director for Notre Dame Academy. 

“I am really excited to bring Mr. Schumann into the NDA family,” said Athletic Director Matt Koenig. “He brings a lot of experience in the sports industry along with a lot of energy. He really wants to see NDA athletes succeed and will do a great job working with our coaches to continue with our rich athletic tradition.” 

Schumann is from the up-north town of Beaver Dam. In high school, he played football, basketball and baseball and then attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to play football, his favorite sport. 

While at Wisconsin-La Crosse, he majored in sports management and minored in business administration. Now, after his college career, he is taking on duties and responsibilities as the new assistant athletic director. 

On the scenes he is the coach for the NDA junior varsity boys basketball team, but behind the scenes he does so much more. 

According to Schumann, his duties and responsibilities include a  variety of administrative efforts “to create a fun and positive experience for athletes, fans, and coaches, as well as coordinate schedules, camps, and other functions necessary for athletics to run smoothly.” 

He does some coordination of events and performs management duties like setting up for events, overseeing the fans and coaches, and basically  addressing any needs that arise at events.

In short, he works behind the scenes to make sure every Notre Dame Academy athletic event is fun and running smoothly. 

Before his work day at Notre Dame Academy, he tries to get to the gym for an hour every morning. He encourages students to stay active, citing “the many lifelong benefits” of  “putting in at least 30 minutes of activity.”

 Even before his new role here, he was familiar with Notre Dame Academy. In high school, he went to a Beaver Dam vs.NDA girls basketball game, so he could watch his younger sister play against them. He also knew Mr. A. J. Alexander, English teacher and basketball coach, while growing up, and they are childhood friends. 

One final thing for Anthony Schumann: his favorite type of cheese is pepper jack.