Ms. Robbins


“My grandma was a teacher and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. Also, when I was growing up, I often tutored my younger brother, who struggled in reading and writing. Soon, he was at a higher reading level and became more confident in these skills. Seeing my brother go from struggling in a subject, to challenging himself in that subject, was heartwarming.The best part of this year, my first year teaching, has been getting to know all of the faculty and students at Notre Dame Academy. Along with the school’s staff, the students have also been a blessing. I am lucky enough to have so many determined, creative, and empathetic students! My biggest fear, as a first-year teacher, was that I wouldn’t live up to the expectations of myself, my co-workers, or my students. Actually, my interview is the reason that I came to NDA. The NDA interview was the best interview I had ever experienced. The Interim Principal and English Department were so sincere and welcoming, which made the school feel just like home.”