Triton Talk #KnowYourTritons

If you could set up two of your friends, who would they be and why?

Cassie Klim, freshman: “My friend and a really tall guy because they would be cute together!”

Maggie Shelley, freshman: “My friend Chris and my best friend Brooke because they would be perfect for each other.”

Maddie Kaye, freshman: “Megan and Alex because it’s going to happen.”

Izzy Vandenmeerendonk, freshman: “Maria and Will because they would be adorable together.”

Stef Walczyak, freshman: “Megan and Alex because Maddie said so.”

Cami Wendricks, freshman: “Megan and Alex because Maddie said so.”

Tommy Matthews, freshman: “Claire Sternkopf and Carter Olles.”

Emma Kaster, freshman: “Will Roach and Izzy Vandenmeerendonk because they are both short and they have blonde hair.”

Alex Wasilkoff, freshman: “Maria and Tommy because I can see the future.”

Lizzy Templeton, sophomore: “I would set up my friend Hannah with my friend Vinny.”


Katelyn Morgan, freshman: “Annie Fife and Bennett Christensen because they are so alike it’s not even funny!”


Ally Groher, freshman: “Collin and Whitney because they are super cute.”


Evan Watzka, sophomore: “Evan Watzka and Lauren LaPointe because they love each other!”


Maddie VandenBusch, freshman: “ Jackson and Cameron cause I think they like each other and I think they would be pretty cute together.”


Michael DeLeers, freshman: “Max Liegal and Whitney DeMeuse because they’re cute;)”


Emily Gibson, freshman: “Sam Lucero and Austin Watzka because they’d be the couple of the century.”


Isabel Canadeo, freshman: “Carly and Ryan because they get along so well and should be dating!”


Charlie Urick, freshman: “Will Roach and Oliva Decleene because they would be a good couple, or Lauren LaPointe and Jadon Motquin because I think they have a thing;).”


Ben Richards, freshman: “I’ll say Whitney and Morgan just to make Whitney mad;)”


Maddy Moureau, freshman: “Max McDonald and Shanelle because they really get along being science partners and are both very funny and could joke around with each other.”


Paige Vaughn, freshman: “Sam Lucero and Austin Watzka because they would be so cute.”


Christin Roskos, freshman: “I would set up Cassie Klim and Jack Drake because they are like the same person.”


Kendall Lisowski, freshman: “Sam Lucero and Cameron Lisowski because I want Sam to be my sister-in-law.”


Sam Lucero: “Emily Gibson and Danny Stewart because I know they secretly have liked each other.”


Madison Kaster, freshman: “I would put together Emily Lelinski and Ben Ricker because they are the cutest couple ever and they went to Fallfest together.”


Carly Noble, freshman: “Maria and Ryan Ehlinger because they are my favorite womb-mates.”


Claire Rotherham, freshman: “Hanna Lech and Andrew Zipp, because I’m throwing it back to 6th grade.”


Heather Ruby, freshman: “I think Brennan and Katelyn because they were super cute and maybe they could get back together sometime.”


Michael DeLeers, freshman: “Whitney DeMeuse and Max Liegel because they’re cute.”

Joe Hardy, senior: “Jacob Hardy and Rachel Petermann because Jake needs a lady friend.”

Carter Olles, freshman: “Meg Dwyer and Ryan Ehlinger because they’d be perfect together.”

Ty Yewman, junior: “Haley DeGroot and Nate Ihlenfeldt because they are the superstars of the freshman class.”


Kayla Scoggins, sophomore: “Kelsey Paluda and Max McDonald because they’d be really cute together.”


John Sollberger, freshman: “Gerald and Destiny because they like each other.”

Hannah Smith, junior: “Megan Krzewinski and Mitch Gwidt because they have a great history together.”


Annika Kussow, senior: “Taylor Salzwedel and Michael Hinkfuss because they’re meant to be.”

Rachael Ignasiak, senior: “Michael Hinkfuss and Annika Kussow because the chemistry between them is amazing.”


John Cluckey, senior: “My lunch table and Haley Degroot because it’d be funny”

Lauren LaPointe, freshman: “Paige Vaughn and Bryce Watzka because they are made for eachother.”


Lachlan Johnson, freshman: “Andrew Zipp and Callie Adamczak because they’d be adorable.”


Andrew Zipp, freshman: “Clayton Lisowski and Kendall Lisowski because they are with each other a lot and meant for eachother.”


Haley DeGroot, freshman: “Whitney DeMeuse and Morgan Carlson they’re cute together and have a very tight relationship.”


Whitney DeMeuse, freshman: Jack Gille and Lauren Dovorany because they work out their problems very nicely.


Brennan Vanwychen, freshman: “Mike DeLeers and Nate Ihlanfeldt cuz they’re cuties :)”


Clayton Lisowski, freshman: “Jack Gille and Jordan Mathei theyre both good at dancing.”


Barrett Desotell, freshman: “Ben Richards and Paige Vaughn because <3 <3 <3”


Hanna Lech, freshman: “Me and Maren Assef because we can twerk it out.”


Emily Martin, freshman: “Hanna Lech and Johnny Santaga because <3 <3 <3”


Colton Lippert, junior: “Sam Leonhard and Keegan Brick because they are too cute.”


Max Liegel, freshman: “Carly Noble and Ryan O’Connell because they are so cute.”


Sarah Zarvan, freshman: “Kelly Hogan and Mike DeLeers because they are both hilarious.”


Keegan Brick, junior: “Keeghan Motquin and Kendra Noble because they would be so cute.”


Molly Vandehouten, junior: “Katie Desotell and Spencer Hodkiewicz because they would be perfect.”


Anthony Lent, senior: “Luke Davison and Sara Santaga because it’s gonna happen.”


Kieran Degroot, senior: “Andrew Schick and a chiropractor because he’s probably really sore from putting the football team on his back.”


Bennett Christensen, freshman: “Max Liegel and Whitney Demuse because they are so cute.”


Joe Hardy, senior: “Jack Petermann and Kendra Noble because it’d be perfect.”


Josie Bauer, senior: “Joe Hardy and Allie Leclaire…just because.”


Jeff Vogelsang, sophomore: “Jarret Smith Abby Tristani. What a pair!”

Austin Nordeen, junior: “Jack Birmingham and Greta Bosco.”

Will Leggett, sophomore: “Isaac Hingtgen and Susan Rose because they would be a great pair together.”

Johnny Tank, junior: “Ben Kissel and Bethany McCole because they would be a interesting couple.

Dante Jadin, junior: KC Borseth and Eliza Campbell. They would look good together

Gus Dennis, junior: Jack Ritchay and Maddison Wright. They should get back together.

Joe Hardy, senior: Jack Petermann and Kendra Noble. He has a crush on her!

Jack Petermann, junior: Sam Leonard and Jake Hilliard because they would be cute!

Mike Rader, freshman: Maya Moore and LeBron James, because they are the best basketball players!

Jake Hardy, freshman: Carter Jacobson and Senja Spelman (Ashwaubenon) because they work together.

Aaron Sincoular, senior: “Joe Hardy and Olivia Londo because it’s a match made in heaven.”

Joe Hardy, senior: “Aaron Sincoular and Olivia Londo because it’s a match made in heaven.”

Mari Jo Lesatz, freshman: “Meg Dwyer and Ryan Ehlinger because they were meant to be.”

Joe Curtin, senior: “Jack Urmann and former NDA student Grace Phillip. Jack has been in love with her since we were freshman.”

Mike Ness, senior: “Mitchell VanDenMeerendonk and Malorri Walczyk. It just seems like they would be a good fit.”

Nathan Ciriacks, sophomore: “Sam Moss and Anne Fife because they went to Fall Fest together twice.”

Ben Durkin, sophomore: “Vinny Pallini and Nick “Swagner” because they’re a perfect match.”

Emily Smits, freshman: “Without a doubt Chris Fineout and Lexi Fitzgerald because they’re locker buddies so it’s just meant to be!”

Ella Hunt, freshman: “Lexi FitzGerald and Chris Fineout.”