Academy Chatter: What’s Your Favorite Place to Shop and Why?

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Abby Anderson, junior: “Target–they have everything.”

Chase Mura, junior: “Best Buy because they have all my over-priced goods.”

Ernesto Navarro, junior: “Walmart–it’s like going to a zoo.”

Alex Trigueros, junior : “H&M. They have nice casual clothes.”

Jon Fry, junior : “Lulu lemon because I want to look nice.”

Paul Nash, junior : “Family Dollar–it’s cheap.”

Zach Roberts, junior : “American– it’s all there.”

Lee Ni, senior: “Outlets because they are inexpensive.”

Frank Sun, senior: “Appleton mall because it is big and has various brands.”

Heather Ruby, senior: “Wabeno thrift store because I am broke.”

Christin Roskos, senior: “The thrift, because it is better for the environment and my wallet.”

Michael Trgovac, senior: “Online, they have everything there.”

Adam Rudar, staff: “ TJmax, you will never know what they have there.”

Hannah Scolare, senior: “Ross because they have the good selection of clothing.”

Kassie Baeten, senior: “Walmart–they have everything.”

Isaac Sidon, junior: “Adidas because they have nice shoes.”

Ellie Sylvester, senior: “Mall of America.”

Katie Phernetton, news reporter: “Target because they have everything.”

Marina Frechette, senior: “I don’t really shop because I never have money.”

Nick Messerschmidt, senior: “Definitely Bike Hub! I really love the atmosphere.”

Lily Schumacher, junior: “Target because they literally have everything I need.”

Lilly Brada, junior: “Probably Urban Outfitters because it really resonates with my style; they have everything from shoes to shirt.”

Lily Stebor, senior: “Pink or Victoria’s Secret because their style is on point.”

Madison Kaster, senior: “American Eagle because they have cute clothes and good sales.”

Charles Kippley, sophomore: “The morgue because all of the clothes are free.”

Drew Gunville, sophomore: “Amazon, because you can find anything you want without leaving the comfort of your couch.”

Lauren Van Gheem, freshman: “The grocery store because they have yummy food lol.”

Eliza Stackhouse, junior: “The Dollar Store because everything’s a dollar.”

Elijah Dercks, senior: “Urban Outfitters because long t-shirts tho.”

James Kanning, sophomore: “ because they have everything you could ever dream of.”

Olivia Vanden Elzen, sophomore: “My favorite place to shop is Target because they seriously have everything plus Starbucks.”

Tyler Fotick, junior: “Best Buy because I love technology.”

Matthew Krzewinski, senior: “Lulu…because it’s Lulu.”

Clayton Lisowski, senior: “Victoria’s Secret.”

Stephen Lovell, senior: “Polo Ralph Lauren because they have colored pants.”

Max Liegel, senior: “Probably either Zumiez or Lids…”

Ryan O’Connell, senior: “Piggly Wiggly because it’s family friendly.”

Lachlan Johnson, senior: “Retweet @MaxLiegel.”

Quinn Snyder, senior: “Woodman’s because it is employee-owned.”

Payton VanPelt, junior: “Urban Outfitters because I feel trendy, and I like their clothes.”

Grant Noble, junior: “LuLuLemon because I like buying their clothes.”

Bryce Poshak, junior: “LuLuLemon because then Meghan Yakel actually thinks I’m cool.”

Logan Braun, junior: “Goodwill–they have dope stuff.”

Tori Gantz, junior: “The Croc store because it reminds me of Ole, and I really miss that big guy.”

Jon Fry, junior: “LuLuLemon outlets because I like looking nice.”

Maddie Reitz, junior: “Nike and Adidas because it’s comfy and pretty much all I wear.”

Cole Cullen, junior: “ WalMart because they have everything.”

Beatrice Zemelyte, junior: “ Stradivarius because they have good stuff.”

Hannah Dercks, junior: “ Pink because the stuff is super cute, and H&M because the clothes are adorable and not expensive.”

Lauren Schauer, freshman: “ Tilly’s because I like it.”

Rio O’Toole, freshman: “ Festival because I like that they have food already made.”

Caleb Ledvina, freshman: “ Fleet Farm because I’m a hunter.”

Jack Chovan, sophomore: “ Amazon because I don’t have to go anywhere.”

Jake Lamm, senior: “ Dick’s because I like sports.”

Max Sonnenberg, sophomore: “ Cabela’s because of the fish tanks.”

Adam Roitstein, junior: “Lululemon because it looks nice and is made out of nice material.”

Kaycee Gierczak, junior: “American Eagle because they have really cute clothes there.”

Grace Purcell, sophomore: “Tj Maxx because they have everything you need.”

Madeline Darling, sophomore: “Urban Outfitters because it has all different types of styles.”

Claire Edgar, sophomore: “ because they carry so many brands, items, and styles.”

Julia Slusarek, sophomore: “Cabela’s because it has everything I need.”

Colleen Lois, senior: “Target because it’s always a good time.”

Cole Peters, junior:  “Pawn America–great deals.”

Alec Hodkicwicz, senior:  “Danscomp. Great bike parts.”

Matt Vanderleest, junior:  “Fleet Farm – Got everything I need.”

Zach Roberts, junior: “Amazon – Got everything.”

Ana Holzbach, junior: “Fleet Farm – Has horse supplies.”

Alex Trigueros, junior: “American Eagle – Good clothes.”

Logan LeMay, junior: “Verlo – They cut out the middle man.”

Angela White, senior: “American Eagle, they have cute clothes.”

Kelly Hogan, senior: “Free People because I’m really hipster, okay.”

Nate Ihlenfeldt, senior: “Dick’s, it’s cool.”

Johnny Santaga, senior: “Probably the school store because it has lots of important stuff like the composite notebook.”

Father Brad, staff: “I like getting coffee at Starbuck’s.”

Sarah Zarvan, senior: “Urban Outfitters because they have it all!”

Ella Hunt, senior: “Target because they have everything!”

Litzy Fernandez, junior: “Target because I always find what I need.”

Bryce Poshak, junior: “Lululemon because it makes my butt look good.”

Stan Matias, junior: “Best Buy because of PC stuff.

Ismaiil Nur, junior: “I live at Hot Topic because it is the best store of all time.”

Jay Stadtmueller, junior: “Dick’s Sporting Goods because they’ve got the balls and other athletic stuff that I need.”

Ethan Wheeler, junior: “At home, that’s where I get the best wifi for Amazon.”

Avery Lyons, junior: “Nike because I like shopping online.”

Zhangchi Tian, senior:  “I like to shop online because it is convenient.”

KaiFeng Tan, senior: “I like to shop in Walmart; they always have what I need.”

Frank Sun, senior: “I like shopping in an exclusive store.  They will have new stuff in.”

Emily Conard, junior:I like shopping in the market because we can hang out with friends there.”

Allison Rakers, junior: “I like shopping with friends anywhere. I always have a fun time with them.”

Han Lu, senior:  “I like shopping in outlets; it’s fashion.”

Alec Hodkiewicz, senior: “I like shopping in the skateboard store. I like skating.”

Micah Dennis, sophomore: “Dicks Sporting Goods because I like to be around sports and being in that stores makes me feel like I’m surrounded by sports.”

Ben Wiesner, sophomore: “Guitar Center because I love music and finding new equipment.”

Natalie Jacques, sophomore: “The Nike outlet for obvious reasons.”

Noah Berger, sophomore: “Game Stop because I like games.”

Abby Comar, sophomore: “Mall of America because it has so many stores.”

Max Hennigan, freshman: “Game Stop because I love games.”