Academy Chatter: What is your favorite fall activity and why?


Staff Writers , Journalism I

Meghan Yakel, junior: “Pumpkin carving because I love Halloween and it’s fun.”

Bailei Anders, junior: My favorite thing to do in my free time is to hang out with friends.  It may be a very cliché thing to do, but it is what matters a lot to me (besides grades).  The way I think of it is we only get four years in high school.  Four years may seem like a long time, but it flies by.  I want to cherish as much time I can get with my friends before I am shipped off to college on my own.

Bryce Poshak, junior: “Hockey.”

Kaycee Gierczak, junior: “Apple picking because it is the typical fall thing to do.”

Katja Diestler, junior: “Rake leaves into a pile and then jump in it.”

Claire Therrian, junior: “Cuddling up in a blanket and watching movies.”

Mr. Chris Gray, teacher: “Hiking because the colors are beautiful, and it’s not too cold yet.”

Ana Holzbach, junior: “Indoor hockey. I love hockey.”

Cole Peters, junior: “Bow hunting. It is fun.”

Matt Vanderleest, junior: “Hunting. It is a fun time with friends.”

Zach Roberts, junior: “Hunting. Nice to be outdoors.”

Andy Lampereur, junior: “Golf. Nice to be outside.”

Hans Ernst, junior: “Running. Not too hot not too cold.”

Conner Bell, junior: “Football. It’s the perfect temperature.”

Claire Edgar, sophomore: “Reading books by the fire because it’s warm and cozy.”

Olivia Vanden Elzen, sophomore: “Going to starbs and getting a chai latte because they taste like fall, and I love fall.”

Eliza Stackhouse, junior: “Pumpkin picking so I can make jack-o-lanterns.”

Micah Dennis, sophomore: “Haunted houses because they get you in the mood for the fall spirit and Halloween.”

James Kanning, sophomore: “Running cross country because ‘it’s more than just running.’”

Charles Kippley, sophomore: “Drinking pumpkin spice lattes, wearing sweaters/uggs and posting about it on social media because I love showing everyone an absurd amount of photos of myself doing these things.”

Rebecca DeBoer, junior: “Staying inside and not being cold BECAUSE I HATE THE COLD :)).”

Carly Noble, senior: “I like making things with apples because apples are tasty.”

Rachel Sladky, senior: “I like burning candles and listening to music because it really creates a nice fall ambiance.”

Kaycee Gierczak, junior: “Apple and pumpkin picking because it is a very fall thing to do.”

Maria Ehlinger, senior: “Drinking apple cider because it’s yummy.”

Matthew Kini, junior: “Drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes because they’re good.”

Grant Shilbauer, junior: “Football because you’re with the boys.”

Grace Purcell, sophomore: “Having my entire family over to watch Sunday night football because we have a lot of fun as a group and are also huge Packer fans.”

Kelly Lamas, senior: “Carving pumpkins because it gets me in a fall mood.”

Kassie Baeten, senior: “Carving pumpkins, and eating pumpkin pie because that is what makes it feel like fall.”

Isaac Sidon, junior: “My favorite fall activity is carving pumpkins with Kassie because it’s so fun and it’s a good time taking pumpkin guts out together.”

Caleb Baeten, sophomore: Pumpkin carving because it is fun and gets me in the holiday spirit.”

Madison Kaster, senior: “Carving pumpkins and decorating my house for Halloween. It gets me in the spirit for the holiday to come.”

Erika Odberg, senior: “My favorite fall activity is apple picking because the orchards are always beautiful, and I love farm fresh apples! (and even better the apple pies my mom makes with what we don’t eat).”

Marina Frechette, senior: “Haunted houses because they are really fun.”

Ava Vande Corput, sophomore: “Eating everything apple flavored because it’s amazing.”

Julia Slusarek, sophomore: “Watching presidential debates because I like Trump.”

Natalie Jacques, sophomore: “Picking out and carving pumpkins because it’s super festive and fun.”

Olivia Vanden Elzen, sophomore: “Watching football with my family because it brings us together and is a lot of fun.”

Hope Krumrei, sophomore: “Taking walks on nice sunny days because it’s fun.”

Madeline Darling, sophomore: “Apple picking because it’s fun to do with the whole family.”

Emma Del Frate, junior: “Walking my dog because it’s the perfect temperature outside.”

Lee Ni, senior: “Sleeping because it’s comfortable and cool.”

Tian Zhangchi, senior: “Taking a long nap and getting ready for hibernation.”

Heather Ruby, senior: “Hiking in nature and looking at all of the beautiful colors.”

Alex Eclavea, junior: “Traveling around WI or other states to see beautiful colors.”

Michael Trgovac, senior: “Playing football on Friday nights with the boys.”

Jon Sollberger, senior: “Deer hunting because it is fun.”

Richard Rehberg, senior: “ Playing pep band for sports because it is fun to play music.”

Cole Peters, junior: “Bow hunting because I get to be in the woods.”

Abby Anderson, junior: “Pumpkin carving because I like it a lot, and it’s fun with my friends.”

Gabe Gutierrez, junior: “Riding my horse Star through the woods because it’s relaxing after a long day.”

Isaac Sidon, junior: “Making a leaf pile and burying myself in it and pretending I am a leaf because who doesn’t want to be a leaf.”

Jon Holzbach, junior: “Taking the ATV out with the dog along the woods because it’s quiet and relaxing.”

Ethan Wheeler: “Watching football and hockey because I like watching them.”

Logan Braun: “Watching the Red Wings because they are my favorite team.”

Greta Bosco, senior: “Apple picking because I like apples.”

Ella Hunt, senior: “Anything outside because it’s so beautiful this time of year! I especially love apple picking.”

Lexi FitzGerald, senior: “Eating caramel apple suckers because they are the best thing ever.”

Kelly Hogan, senior: “Bobbing for apples because I just like it okay.”

Jack Mickelson, senior: “Apple picking because it is fun.”

Claire Rotherham, senior: “Drinking tea and watching movies because it is relaxing.”

Rachel Sladky, senior: “Burning candles and listening to music because it creates a nice ambiance.”

Cole Cullen, junior: “Apple picking because it’s good family time and they taste good.”

Tj Burke, junior: “Thanksgiving because of the football, the food and spending time with my family.”

Ali Shea, junior: “Going to a haunted house with friends because it’s fun.”

Connor Bell, junior:  “Having fun because I like having fun.”

Madelyn Glosny, junior: “Pumpkin picking because my uncle has his own pumpkin patch. My family on my mom’s side always goes to his house every October to pick pumpkins and visit.”

Payton VanPelt, junior: “Halloween anything because everything is very boring here and being scared by spooky things is ten times more interesting than staring at snow mounds and talking about the Packers.”

Alex Trigueros, junior: “Halloween because you get to dress up and get candy.”

Hannah Dercks, junior: “Drinking pumpkin spice lattes and looking at beautiful fall leaves.”

Alex McKean, junior: “Carving pumpkins because I do it with my family.”

Ms. Rachel Weier, staff: “Thanksgiving because I spend time with my family and eat pumpkin food ( pumpkin bars and pumpkin spice lattes).”

Brady Kurowski, junior: “ Watching the Capital because NHL is back.”

Denice Aispuro, junior: “ Rating candy apples.”

Ian Spaulding, junior: “Whipping whips because it’s fun.”

Nate Smith, junior: “ Hunting because it’s my hobby.”

Chase Mura, junior: “ Driving four-wheelers because it’s all about speed.”

Ernesto Navarro, junior: “ Playing in the leaves because it’s fun.”

Alex Trigueros, junior: “ Traveling because it’s fun.”

Nick Haske, senior : “Go to Six Flags because I have so much fun over there .”

Maria Haske, senior: “Reading, fall has  good weather to do anything.”

Ben Cao, senior: “Sleeping, it has good weather to sleep.”

Aldo Gonzalez, junior: “Go on a robotics competition trip with the school team.  It makes me excited.”

Jessie Qiu, senior: “Studying because fall can make you concentrate better.”

Herbet Tan, senior: “Playing computer games, like always.”

Haoyu Sun, senior : “Playing basketball.  It’s good weather to get yourself sweaty .”

Ryan Ehlinger, senior: “Baking pumpkin seeds with my mom.”

Michael DeLeers, senior: “Book Club meetings.”

Nate Ihlenfeldt, senior: “Friday night lights for sure.”

Chris Fineout, senior: “Volleyball season.”

John Ehlinger, sophomore: “Jumping in leaf piles.”

Danny Stewart, senior: “Practicing for the play.”

Barrett Desotell, senior: “Picking apples.”