Academy Chatter: What impact has the BYOD policy had on your learning?

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Chase Mura, junior: “I could care less. I don’t even use my BYOD in most of my classes.”

Ethan Wheeler, junior: “I don’t like that they block everything.  It’s not the school’s problem when we choose to play games rather than other things. If the student chooses to play games rather that study, then it’s their fault. They are making the decision to fail. It shouldn’t be up to the school to depict what we can and can’t do.”

Aldo Gonzales, junior: “It’s good because it keeps me organized.”

Albert Yanez, junior: “I like it because I can take notes on my device.”

Ernesto Navarro, junior: “ I don’t like it because I don’t use it as often as I bring it.”

Alex Trigueros, junior: “ I do not use it at all.”

Ian Spaulding, junior: “ I do not like it. I hate it.”

Michael DeLeers, senior: “It affects me positively because it allows me to get work done faster.”

Nick Messerschmidt, senior: “I like it because it gives me more time to do my work since I can bring it home easily.”

John Ehlinger, sophomore: “I enjoy it because my mom got me a computer just because of the new policy.”

Lachlan Johnson, senior: “I like having all my notes in one place, so I see it as a positive.”

Maria Ehlinger, senior: “I think it is a positive because I do not need to transfer notes from paper to computer.”

Carly Noble, senior: “I find it beneficial because it provides endless resources for research.”

Claire Rotherham, senior: “I most enjoy having textbooks online so I have less to bring home.”

Mary Zakowski, senior: “I’ve found it really helpful in taking notes while listening to lectures or discussions because when someone says something that helps my understanding of the topic, I can type it out faster than I could if I were writing by hand. This then allows me to have more helpful, educational notes.”

Maria Elingher, senior: “I’d say it’s more convenient and faster to look up information and take notes.”

Sarah Zarvan, senior:  “It makes things more accessible and keeps me more organized.”

Kelly Hogan, senior:  “It has made note taking and researching much more convenient.”

Anya Carlson, senior:  “It is ah-mazing! It is really good when it comes to looking up various materials and sources. I get a lot more information and understanding when I read various things on the internet. It is also nice that it is so easy to have everything stored in one device rather than six notebooks. However, I do get distracted sometimes by googling random stuff during class.”

Isabel Canadeo, senior: “I would say it’s been really beneficial because I am able to work on things I would normally have to do outside of class, and I am always able to look up a word or something when I don’t know it.”

Greta Bosco, senior: “It has made accessing resources more efficient thus improving my learning.”

Kassie Baeten, senior:  “I love it, and it helps me get all my homework done at school.”

Mr. Kriegl, campus minister: “It’s nice because it’s a resource that is  more accessible to students, and staff can teach students how to properly use technology. ”

Claire Edgar, sophomore: “It makes it so that I can be more organized and it helps me keep tabs on everything going on in class, but it’s really easy to get distracted.”

Erika Odberg, senior:It makes it easier to write papers for classes and to work on group projects with google drive. It has also been nice to be able to work on college applications in study hall!”

Nate Smith, junior: “I think it can be good for learning purposes for some students, but for other students I think they abuse it.”

Ni Junfeng, senior: “I do not like it, and this policy wastes a lot of time in class.  I can not focus on my work.”

Tian Zhangchi, senior: “I love it,  and I can use my time more effectively when teachers cannot provide the info I personally need. Using the BYOD policy I can check out some questions that I didn’t understand after the teacher taught me.”

Madeline Darling, sophomore: “A good impact because it helps me keep organized!”

Zach Kellner, sophomore: “It made me realize I retain information better with handwritten notes.”

Julia Slusarek, sophomore: “Nothing.”

Bella Zent, sophomore: “It has allowed me to take notes and complete assignments a lot faster. Assignments have also had more variety and have been more interesting.”

Ava Vande Corput, sophomore: ‘It’s helpful because I can get a lot more done, so I don’t have to wait to type papers.”

Kassie Baeten, senior: “I like it because it helps me get everything done at school, and it helps me manage my time better.”

Ben Wiesner, sophomore: “It has helped me stay organized with notes.”

Lauren Van Gheem, freshman: “It helps me be more organized at school.”

James Kanning, sophomore: “Neutrally, if anything I understand the material better if I don’t have a device in front of me.”

Larry Reyes, sophomore: “I don’t really like the idea of BYOD because we hardly use it, and it’s one more thing to carry in our backpacks.”

Micah Dennis, sophomore: “It makes life easier because it doesn’t waste as much paper as getting handouts, and it creates less of a hassle in the computer lab.”

Samantha Corsten: “I think it has impacted my learning in a good way. I’ve used BOYD since I started middle school.”

Ava Vande Corput: “I think that bringing my own device to school makes the school day more productive, and I get a lot more done.”

Ana Holzbach, junior: “I like it because it is easier to get stuff done.”

Cole Peters, junior: “It has done little to nothing for me.”

Matt Vanderleest, junior:  “More freedom but too many websites blocked.”

Zach Roberts, junior: “Nice to have one device and not switching back and forth.”

Alec Hodkiewicz, senior: “Makes it easier to do homework and turn it in.”

Hans Ernest, junior: “Having access to BYOD makes doing assignments that need technology easier to complete.”

Denice Aispuro, junior: “Yes, it’s so much faster to write papers, but then you don’t have an excuse for turning a paper in late.”

Claire Rotherham, senior: “The BYOD policy has enhanced my learning by giving me more of a hands-on opportunity to learn, especially in my math class.”

Kassie Baeten, senior: “I like it. It has helped me get my homework done at school, and it saves me time.”

Meghan Yakel, junior: “I think it has helped out both the teachers and students with more online resources and access.”

Carly Noble, senior: “I love it. It helps me be more efficient in my work, and I believe it has given me an advantage in the classroom.”

Rachel Sladky, senior: “It has allowed me to work on my homework during school, such as research and writing papers.”

Kaycee Gierczak, junior: “It gives me easier access to the internet, and it makes it easier because now I don’t have to go to the library to use the internet.”

Emily Smits, senior: “I find it a lot easier and faster to take notes on my computer.”

Alex McKean, junior: “Every day I live in constant fear that I might misplace, forget to bring, or worst of all, run out of battery when I bring my BYOD to school. It’s fun to use sometimes I guess.”

Avery Lyons, junior: “It sucks because I always forget it.”

Madelyn Glosny, junior: “It has helped me a lot by being able to use my own device during school.  If I have my own computer, it’s much easier to open documents on my personal device rather than transfer them to a school computer.”

Hannah Dercks, junior: “It’s been a lot easier to have access to online accounts. Overall, I really like BYOD. It’s been very convenient.”

Madison Kaster, senior: “Its helps me work more efficiently.”

Sam Schmitz, junior: “It’s nice not having to go to the lab if I need to type something in class.”

Bennett Schmitz, freshman: “It helps me with my classwork.”

Adam Roitstein, junior: “It is pretty awesome. It lets students learn more stuff.”

Tian Zhangchi, senior: “I like it because you can use it to learn something outside of the textbook.”

Sun Haoyu, senior: “I really like it. It gives students more flexible time.”

Alec Hodkiewicz, senior:  “Yeah, I like it, because during some class break I can play some games.”

Ethan Wheeler, junior:  “It is a lot different than last year, but I like it.”

Victor Lin, senior: “I like it because this policy is almost like the policy in college.”

Herbet Tan, senior: “Yes, I like it because it is more easy to do the documents in class.”

Meghan Yakel, junior: “I don’t really have an issue with anything having to do with the policy.”

Katja Diestler, junior: “I enjoy having to bring my own device to school to use it during classes, but some of the websites are blocked when I try to do research papers, so I cannot work on the paper that day until I go home; otherwise I would have no problems with the policy.”

Bryce Poshak, junior: “I hate how it blocks ESPN because I can’t update my fantasy rosters.”

Maddie Reitz, junior: “Easier access to online academic sources.”

Gabe Gutierrez, junior: “I think it is beneficial because I can share papers with teachers and save trees.”

Claire Rotherham, senior, “I enjoy the BYOD policy because I have more of a hands-on experience within the classroom.”

Carly Noble, senior: “I think it has allowed me to do more research and accomplish a lot more assignments at school.”

Christian Van, junior: “It helped.”

Zach Sengstock, junior: “It helped…a lot.”

Cameron Rottier, senior: “Gives us different resources to pull from.”

Noah Frigo, junior: “Gives us more ways to get off task.”

Drew Gunville, sophomore: “Allows us to have access to resources faster.”

Tyler Foytile, junior: “Allows us to access internet resources wherever we are in the building.”

Autumn Klemencic, sophomore: “Allows us to take notes faster.”

Ryan Ehlinger, senior: “Positive because I like to play games.”

Anabelle Xiong, senior: “I love BYOD because I can work faster so I can have more time.”

Chris May, senior: “It’s cool because I can research from any source.”

Sam Conard, senior: “I absolutely love the BYOD policy because I can multitask.”

Ni junfeng, senior: “I don’t like it because we can’t use a phone in class anymore.”