Academy Chatter: What is your go-to karaoke song? Why?

Staff Writers, Journalism I Students

Payton Van Pelt, senior:Dancing Queen by Abba because I am the Dancing Queen.”

Emily Gibson, super senior:Bust a Move by Young MC because it was the first rap I ever learned in fifth grade after it was featured in the Disney Channel original movie ‘Max Keebler’s Big Move.’ Max dances on a diner table to it.”

Gracie Degroot, senior:Don’t Stop Believing because I know all of the words and it’s fun to sing.”

Max Pallini, senior:The Climb by Miley Cyrus because when you’re feelin low, lower than the floor, and you feel like you ain’t got a chance. Listening to Miley will change your heart and bring you to the realization that, hey, it’s not always gonna be easy especially in this world of division! So when you know that you are a powerful person and you have the gifts you can move mountains! Mountain I tell you! Sometimes you gotta look the Devil in his eyes and say ‘Hey! I’m gonna climb!’”

Grant Noble, senior:Nothin’ on You by B.o.B. because it makes me think of summer.”

Eric Weycker, senior:Bohemian Rhapsody because the song has so many different emotions and you can really get into it with all the different fast and slow parts.”

Lainey Chosa, freshman:Brick House because it reminds me of my childhood at my cottage when my family friend sang it.”

Charley Apple, freshman: Don’t Stop Believing because I like how you can sing along.”

Allison Johnson, freshman: “I would say Baby by Justin Bieber because I know all the words and it’s catchy.

Michael Scripp, freshman: Poker Face by Lady Gaga because it’s fun.”

Sofia Algas, freshman: Careless Whisper by George Michael because it’s catchy.

Tim Turek, freshman: “Into the Jungle” because I know the words to it.

Owen Riordan, freshman: “Can’t Hold Us because I know all the words and it doesn’t require much singing.”

Briana Fitzgerald, freshman: “Don’t Stop Believing because everyone knows the song and it’s fun to shout.”

Allison Welker, freshman: “Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana because it brings me back to my childhood.”

Owen Campbell, freshman: Don’t Stop Believing because everyone knows the song and can sing it.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars because I know all of the words.”

Molly Rader, sophomore: “Anything High School Musical because why not.”

Carlos Zaragoza, sophomore: White Iverson by Post Malone because I like it.”

Amy Stover, staff: You Don’t Bring Me Flowers by Neil Diamond because it was a dorm contest and we won.”

Sarah Lelinski, sophomore: Ice Ice Baby because I know the words.”

Paige Van Pelt, sophomore: “Summer Lovin.

Anastasia Geigel, junior: “Oh the crowd favorite Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson.”

Maddie Reitz, senior: Better Have My Money, Rhianna.”

Meghan Yakel, senior:September! I don’t remember who it’s by though.”

Tori Gantz, senior: Wanna Be by The Spice Girls! I don’t know why.”

Howie Gerstner, sophomore: Humble because it’s catchy and I know the lyrics.”

Joel Meglic, sophomore: Ain’t Nothing because I know the words.”

Max Healy, sophomore:Fergalicious because it’s catchy.”

Ben Gregory, sophomore: Here To Stay because Howie Gerstner and Noah Sternig made it.”

Sam Warpinski, senior: I’m the One by DJ Khaled because it’s my favorite song.

Maddie Woodward, senior: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne because it’s high school and boys suck.”

Stephen Scripp, senior:Gregorian Chant because it’s catchy.”

Grace Shaw, senior:Before He Cheats because that’s a good jam.”

Noal Watzka, senior: Stacy’s Mom, it gets the hips moving.”

Sophie Woodward, sophomore:Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It is a classic song that will never go out of style.”

Emily Cribben, sophomore: “Castle on the Hill because it is my favorite song currently.”

Maggie Miller, senior:I Wanna Talk About Me by Toby Keith.  It’s always my go-to because I actually know all the words.”

Morgan Christensen, senior: “Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.  You get a full range of your vocal chords in that song.”

Bailei Anders, senior:Party in the U.S.A. because I mean why not.”

Josie Bieker, sophomore: Bohemian Rhapsody because it is a classic.”

Owen Brummel, sophomore: Despacito because I know all the words.”

Eli Servais, sophomore:Let It Go because it is catchy.”

Samuel Schmid, sophomore: President Carter because he’s the best rapper of all time!”

Anthony Jaslowski, sophomore: Till the End because it’s a good song and easy to rap.”

Maggie Otradovec, sophomore: Vienna because it’s my favorite song.”

Kayla Robbins, staff: Thriller because it has a Halloween theme to it and it has Vincent Price; who is my favorite person in the world.”

Parker Olson, sophomore: Fergalicious because I know all the words to the song and it has a cool beat.”

Aeva Ver boort, junior: Lick It Up because it’s a friends and family song.”

Grace Fangman, junior: “Highway to the Danger Zone because I like being in the danger zone.”

Fuzz French, junior:Jingle Bells because it’s festive.”

Mitch Chosa, junior: “Rich Girl by Hall and Oats because it’s a banger.”

Josie Sullivan, junior: “Anything by Taylor Swift because it is fun to sing with friends.”

Jack Allen, senior: Bohemian Rhapsody because it displays a wide range of vocals.”

Will Sullivan, junior: Don’t Stop Believin ‘cause Grady Brick and I can pull off a nasty duet.”  

Anna Schaut, junior:My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion because it’s such a great song.”

Chloe Greenwood, sophomore: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus because it’s a jam.”

Paige Van Pelt, sophomore: Someone like you by Adele because it’s a classic.”

Eli Canadeo, sophomore: “Fergalicious by Fergie because it has a good beat.”

Xochi Martinez, sophomore: Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars because it shows real emotion about real-life experiences.”

Ellie Rose, sophomore:Sweet Caroline because it’s so catchy and everyone can sing along.”

Chloe Greenwood, sophomore: “The YMCA song because it is catchy and easy to sing along to.”

Jordan Bellmund, sophomore: “Party in the USA because I know every word. It’s a good song and it makes me happy.”

Hayden Benner, sophomore: “Firework by Katy Perry because it is the only song I know all the lyrics to.”