Academy Chatter: What has been the highlight of the year for you?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Sarah Lelinski, sophomore: “Getting to work on the musical and making a lot of new friends through it.”

Mattea Vecera, sophomore: “The back to school dance at the beginning of the football season.”

Sophie Woodward, sophomore: “I think my favorite part of the year has been soccer season and getting to know my teammates.”

Frau, faculty: “I liked the rebooted TGB this year.”

Owen Brummel, sophomore: “I liked the new dances and Mr. NDA.”

Ryan Zasuly, senior:  “Still waiting on that to happen!”

Danielle Lippert, senior:  “Being on Student Government and planning events for the school.”

Clare Ravizza, senior:  “Performing onstage with Eric Weycker.  We can’t stop laughing together.”