Academy Chatter: Who is the most memorable person you know? Why?

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Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “Aeva VB because she is such a strong girl, and I’m happy to have her as my friend.”

Madi Rentmeester, senior: “Maddie from Pulaski because she is a legend with her tractor and farm knowledge.”

Rachel Johnson, senior: “My mom because she is very successful.”

Samm Meck, junior: “My grandma because she gave amazing hugs and always had good advice to give with a smile on her face no matter the situation.”

Albert Yanez, junior: “My brother because he gives the best advice.”

Haley Swonger, senior: “My grandpa because we used to spend a lot of time together. He was a good guy.”

Allie Johnson, sophomore: “Sam Schmid because he died his hair black.”

Bridget Stilwell, sophomore: “My brother Bart because of his positive outlook on life and how much he makes me laugh.”

Ava Van Straten, sophomore: “My uncle Jeff because he tells me stories about how he’s peed on his siblings.”

Kayla Whatley, senior: “My dad because he doesn’t let anything stop him.”

Ben LaLuzerne, senior: “Drew Schlie because he is the greatest manager ever.”

Nate Weslow, sophomore: “Patrick, a family friend because he had cancer and stayed strong when he had it and died.”

Juan Alvarez, freshman: “My mom because she is always there for me.”

Mrs. Katie Bialk, learning resource specialist: “My children’s babysitter, Laney. She has EHE which is very rare, but she doesnt let it define her; she lives life to the fullest.”

Mr. Cassidy McGowan, learning resource specialist: “My wife because she motivates me to do more things.”

Mrs. Beth Abler, counselor: “ My GiGi because she is the most positive person I know.”

Lauren VanGheem, junior: “Obviously my grandparents because they are such lovely people.”

Jack Schumer, junior: “My friend’s dad because he taught me how to play the game I love and he taught me a lot of good life lessons I still use today.”

Hannah Guyette, junior: “Bryn Danen because she always makes me laugh.”

Karenna Lamm, senior: “Madam because she is always caring and is always there for us when we need something.”

Goretty Juarez, junior: “My grandma because she has been through so much, and she always sees the positive.”

Katie Peters, sophomore: “The most memorable person I’ve met is my best friend Cali because if I didn’t meet her, I don’t think I would be where I am today.”

Hope Krumrei, senior: “The people in Canton, MS, because they had so much joy and impacted my life in such a beautiful way.”
Trinity Janowski, senior: “This one guy at Starbucks who gave me a sticker. It made my day.”
Drew Gunville, senior: “Definitely Bill Hill because he is the OG.”

Max McNeil, sophomore: “My great grandma, she lived until 105 and was the nicest person I’ve met.”

Emma Rose Sonnenburg, sophomore: “Frida Kahlo, I’ve learned about her since I was 8, and she was just so confident and a great artist. I also love how she didn’t let others boss her around.”

Will Zellner, sophomore: “My Dad, he means a lot to me, and he’s taught me so much about life.”

Sophie Rotherham, sophomore: “My grandma, she fought cancer her whole life, and still made sure everyone was ok.”

Christina Flores, sophomore: “My cousin Karina, she helps me when I need her and she did a whole lot for my quinceañera.”

Chantal Garza, sophomore: “The most memorable person I know is for sure my mother because she is really caring.”

Crystal Garza, senior: “The most memorable person I know is my dad because he’s a cool person to talk to.”

Alek Martinez, freshman: “The most memorable person I know would have to be my dad because he sacrifices family time to support me and my family.”

Autumn Klemencic, senior: “The most memorable person I know is for sure my dad because he’s really nice and very chill to be around.”

Spencer Allen, junior: “The most memorable person I know is myself because I’m just that cool of a person plus I play hockey.”

Stella DeMeuse, senior: “Ciara Van Dreese because we have countless memories and fun adventures.”

Caleb Baeten, senior: “Grady Brick because he is one of those people who you never forget once you meet.”

Grady Brick, senior: “Caleb Baeten because he has the best personality ever.”

Ben LaLuzerne, senior: “Grady Brick because he is cool.”

Sophie LeMieux, senior: “Bradie Tennell because she is an Olympian.”

Maddie Jaloszynski, senior: “Autumn because she is an underwater basket weaver.”

Autumn Klemencic, senior: “Maddie because her skills in chess challenge me to think outside the box.”
Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “Aeva because she is beautiful.”
Katherine Fangman, junior: “My mom because she is perfect.”
Riley Onell, junior: “Adam Sandler because he is famous and funny.”

Justin Martinez, senior: “Tania because she wears the flyest kicks ever.”

Sam Drake, senior: “My mom because it’s my mom.”

Tania Antonio, junior: “My older brother, he’s a ganstaaa.”

Courtney Ledvina, senior: “Kayla Hawley because she’s a constant inspire for me.”

YunMei Zhang, senior: “Myself, I inspire myself and I ride on my own.”

Caragan Olles, junior: “Jonathan Sprinkles.”

Bella Weslow, junior: “I met Aaron Rodgers at the post office once.”

Hannah Guyette, junior: “Sydney Lemkuil.”

Ellen Meeuwsen, junior: “Ben Platt or Mark Ballas.”

Abby VanOoyen, junior: “Bart Starr.”

Adison Karbon, junior: “My great grandma.”

Sydney Lemkuil, junior: “Mrs. Brown.”

Carter Olles, alumni (class of 2017): “Sister Marita, her kind words brightened my day.”

Emma Paulson, junior: “My mom, Julie Paulson.”

Max Timmer, junior: “My grandpa.”

Ruth Schlumpf, sophomore: “Allison Rykal.”

Grace Mongin, sophomore: “Sammy Treml.”

Bridget Stillwell, sophomore: My best friend Julia.”

Daniela Ron, sophomore: “Kyra Merriman.”

Magdalena Helfenberger, sophomore: “Emma Cain.”

Taylor Massart, junior:  “Lauren Van Gheem.”

Lauren Van Gheem, junior: “All my friends because they’re the best.”

Ared Hernandez, junior: “My grandma.”

Shayla Cauldwell, junior:“My friend Megan. She has had a great impact on my life.”

Emily Groher, junior: “My uncle because we are close in age, so he’s like a brother to me.”

Jacob Conard, junior: “John Fry because he has good dance moves.”

Emerson Dycus, junior: “Matt Schumacher because he’s inspirational and a good Catholic.”

Keegan Gille, junior: “Sam Schmid because his hair is constantly changing.”

Keagan King, freshman: “My dad because he inspires me.”

Aira Guevana, sophomore: “My great grandpa because he tells stories.”