Academy Awards 2018: Confessions of a Contestant

James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

When I heard my name being announced over the loud speaker for the Academy Awards, I immediately felt intimidated. I realized how big the Academy Awards are and what a responsibility it is to produce an act. One thing people never realize about the show is the amount of time and preparation that goes into it. The time put in is on a personal level for each candidate, and a group level for the whole show to come together smoothly.

Some notable people who put more time and effort in than the rest are Frau, Mrs. Hinch, Mrs. VanGrunsven, Mrs. Campbell, and Mrs. Brown, just to note a few. These people make the Academy Awards possible to happen at NDA. This team of teachers work together to help the candidates develop their part in the show, organize rehearsal times, and make sure the show runs as smoothly as possible.

Some things people might not know about the Academy Awards preparations are that every contestant must be fitted for formal wear, and every contestant must come up with an original introduction, providing music. Every contestant must collaborate with their rampeteer to coordinate rehearsal times and color scheme of outfits alongside planning the other details of the show.

Another attribute of the Academy Awards is the sheer size of the production. One thing I have struggled with thus far in my preparations for the show has been planning my talent. The hardest part of planning my talent was coming up with ideas to fit on a stage that would make sense to an audience watching it.

Another thing I struggled with was the time constraints. This year there is a time limit to every act in the show. If the act surpasses the time limit, your music will shut off to let you know you are over. I have had to cut down my talent act because it was too long previously.

Even though the preparation for the Academy Awards has been a ton of work, I am very excited to be a part of the Mr. NDA/Academy Awards legacy. I am intrigued to see what the girls will have to offer this year  being the first year they will be in the show. Best of luck to all participants.