Academy Chatter: What advice would you give to freshmen about their first final exams?

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Anna Lippert, sophomore: “I would say study for 20 minutes at a time and take a few minutes break to look through your phone. Do this four times and then take a half an hour break.”

Sophie Hornberger, sophomore: “Go to RogerHub and see which finals you can skip studying for.”

Autumn Mayer, sophomore: “Don’t procrastinate about studying; start studying ahead of time and follow through.”

Triston Behrend, sophomore: “Don’t procrastinate.  Make sure to spend more time studying your harder subjects than your easier subjects.”

Nick Massabni, sophomore: “Study last minute.  Gets you an A every time, expect for the times it doesn’t.”

Felix Neta, sophomore: “Give up, there is no hope.”

Chris Charles, sophomore: “Make sure you start studying a few weeks ahead and don’t procrastinate.”

Nick Bumgardner, sophomore: “Stay organized and prepared at least two weeks out.  Teacher study guides and the weekends are your best friends.”

Nick Foscato, senior: “Take advantage of the resources offered by your teachers and set up a study schedule planning out the amount of time you plan to study for each exam.”

Elizabeth Hoeppner, senior: “Study in increments. Don’t spend hours at a time working. Break it into manageable chunks. You got this!”

Lydia Sladek, senior: “Get a good night’s sleep and have a nutritious breakfast.”

Jared LaFond, senior: “Strive for Greatness.”

Max Timmer, senior: “Don’t overstudy. Make sure that when you do study, devote it specifically to one class and be focused on it.” 

Alex Roach, senior: “Study only ICP.”

Jack Christensen, junior: “Don’t stress yourself out, just be confident.”

Jack Kress, senior: “Have a positive attitude.”

Tim Turek, junior: “Don’t get super stressed about them because they aren’t all that hard and if you prepare, you’ll be fine.”

Aidan Guiou, junior: “Study for everything not just a few classes.”

Corbin Skinner, senior: “Space out your studying and start early.”

Caleb Steffel, junior: “When in doubt go with D.”

Cathy Baeten, senior: “Don’t procrastinate.” 

Abby Heyroth, senior: “Make quizlets, get enough sleep, drink lots of water and always try your best.” 

Josie Bieker, senior: “Stay focused. Don’t stress too much. It will all work out.” 

Ian Ernst, senior: “Eat a good breakfast.” 

Rio O’Toole, senior: “They are not as bad as you think they will be.” 

Nathan Weslow, junior: “Study tables are helpful.”

Mr. Rudar, staff: “Complete your study guides, don’t overstress, and spread out your studies.”

Joshua Revolinsky, junior:  “Take breaks when studying.”

Austin Whipple, junior:  “Study hard and keep your grades up.”

Ms. Buffin, student teacher:  “It’s ok to not be ok.”

Adison Karbon, senior: “It is really not that bad and do not worry about it.”

Catharine Baeten, senior: “Do not procrastinate!!”

Elizabeth Hoeppner, senior: “Study in increments. Do not spend hours at a time working. Break it into chunks you can manage. You got this!”

Orin Neta, senior: Prioritize the classes that you are struggling in but make sure to review all subjects as well. Start studying about one or two weeks before finals for the classes that you may need to study more for. Don’t take finals all too seriously; if you are paying attention in class and doing well on homework and tests, you will do fine on the finals. They are not as hard as they may seem to be.

Luke Biese, senior: “Do not try, they do not matter. I have not studied for a final since freshman year and I have a 3.55 GPA.”

Sam Van Straten, senior: “Don’t wait until the last minute.”

Dennis Guo, senior: “Suck up to your teachers; they might give you extra credit.”

Eli Servais, senior: “Only study for ICP.”

Ellese Martin, senior: “Roger Hub is a myth.”

Mr. Konshak, math teacher: “Always do your work for understanding because you can’t learn three months of material in one night.”

Jeremy Aguilar, junior:  “Study a lot and have positive thinking.” 

Christian Martinez, junior:  “Freshman should do what they’ve been doing to get good grades and keep it up.”

Chris Lee, junior: “Don’t overthink finals and study a lot for every final because it’s hard.”

Joshua Macias, junior: “Study and pay attention to anything your teacher talks about for finals.” 

Angel Perez, sophomore: “Study and do your best and you will do great.” 

Jack Gagnon, junior: “Do not dress up like Peter Pan!”

Jake Huss, junior: “You don’t have to study!”

Dom Vanden Elzen, junior:”Don’t even show up.”

Issac Johnson, junior: “Your life won’t change on how bad you do.”

Will Zellner, junior: “Don’t stress over it but study over it.”