Academy Chatter: What is your favorite Mr. NDA or Academy Awards memory?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Melanie Luna Guerrero, senior:  “Katherine Zeise’s talent act with Mitch Chosa.”

Sarah Wingert, junior:  “When Cayman Berg sang for Mr. NDA and won.  He shocked everybody by singing.” 

Chloe Forbes, junior:  “The dude that was on the island with the ball.  That made me happy inside.”

Maddie Gage, junior: “Ben Lelinski’s performance was my favorite.  I liked the bagpipes.”

Joey Bonadonna, sophomore: “Mine would have to be Josh Cribben’s anger translator.”

Chris Charles, sophomore: “I liked everyone’s funny skits that they created.”

Triston Behrend, sophomore: “Josh Cribben’s anger translator.”

Sean Manning, sophomore: “I liked Anna Schaut’s SNL skit.”

Nick Bumgardner, sophomore: “Bo Buckley and Riley O’Nell’s rollerblading performance last year.”

Libby Rickards, junor:  “It’s between Charlie Lemkuil’s water act and Owen Brummel playing guitar and drawing his grandparents, which made me cry.”

Lucy Quidzinski, junior:  “When Teddy Suda rocked out on stage with his band.”

Alexander Brabant, junior:  “Being part of Eric Wycker’s intro video.”

Magdalena Helfenberger, junior:  “I liked the dancing during Mr. NDA and the carpooling videos.”

Hannah Weiss, junior:  “Breaking my ankle and then being Theo’s rampeteer in his skit ‘Born to Run.’”

Jack Salzwedel, junior:  “Working in the shadows backstage.”

Stephanie Wilke, junior:  “Charlie Lemkuil’s talent, the one with the water.” 

Nate Ruggles, junior:  “Working tech for Mr. NDA.”

Sammy Opichka, junior:  “My favorite memory was Josh Cribben’s skit.”

Mattea Vecera, senior:  “Andrew Zipp’s hilarious performance my freshman year.”

Margaret Bolin, junior:  “Rampeteering to a ‘La La Land’ song because now I get anxiety flashbacks whenever I watch the movie.”

Dom Schweder, sophomore: “Sitting alone.  It was kinda cringe, not gonna lie.”

Ishmael Quezada, sophomore: “My favorite part was designing the cover.”

Bryce Kane, sophomore: “Being a rampateer.”

Felix Neta, sophomore: “Just enjoying the show with my friends.”

Rylei Anders, sophomore: “Watching everyone perform their talents.”