Academy Chatter: Why did you decide to attend NDA?

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Madeline Tricarico, sophomore: “I chose to attend Notre Dame because of the classes they offered and their academic reputation. I loved the opportunities offered academically and appreciated how they prepare students for college while helping them grow in their faith.

Barbara Inciarte, sophomore: “I chose to go to Notre Dame because I wanted to be around people who share the same beliefs as me and can help me become a better person. My faith is everything to me and I wanted to go to a school that would give me the opportunity to learn more about and strengthen my faith.

Marialys Garza, sophomore: I chose to go to Notre Dame because my parents wanted me to and I was open to try a private school. I’m happy I decided to go because it has been a great experience so far.

Eleanor Grosvenor, sophomore: “I chose to go to high school at Notre Dame Academy because my parents wanted me to go to a Catholic school that would further my education and my faith. This decision has made me so grateful because even though at first I didn’t know anyone and didn’t even step foot in Notre Dame until the first day of classes, I’ve met many kind friends and teachers who have made me feel like I’ve known them my whole life.”

Sydney Ditscheit, alum: “Because of the faith. I knew I couldn’t get that anywhere else.”

Cadence Maxfield, junior: “The high education system and the relationship private school has with its teachers and sports.”

Lucy Quidzinski, senior: “I went to NDA because my three siblings did and the NDA soccer program was very good.” 

Olivia Sullivan, junior: ”I chose to come to NDA for the great student body and staff.” 

Rachel Van Hefty, senior: “I chose to come to NDA because I really liked the atmosphere and the pride the students had for their school. I grew up going to private school, and I always like the foundational aspects that were instilled in me for future life experiences. NDA provides moral education that will guide me beyond the classroom.” 

J.V. Steckart, senior: “I chose to come to NDA because I felt like it was the best fit for me. Also my sister is a year ahead of me and that helped narrow it down because I wanted to go to the same school as my sister.” 

Julia Vogel, freshman: “Because I have friends and family there. The school also has great academics and programs.” 

Kenadie Schultz, freshman:  “Because of the college prep education.”

Aidan Guiou, senior:  “I chose to come to NDA for the IB classes.”

Matiah Christensen, freshman:  “I came to Notre Dame Academy because it is a great place to learn and grow your faith.”

Emma Sullivan, senior-  “In eighth grade, I was choosing between DPHS and NDA. I ultimately chose NDA because I liked the smaller community, the strong focus on college preparatory academics, and lots of my friends were coming here too.”