First Pep Assembly of Year–or High School Career–Builds NDA Community


Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Having the first pep assembly of the year has significantly impacted students at Notre Dame. The difference that a single recognition, words, or the spirit brought to the pep assemblies has changed the atmosphere of NDA. Some things have changed, but this was one of the most memorable moments at Notre Dame as a student.

“The pep assembly was great. I missed them! I loved being with my peers and feeling the school spirit and getting to celebrate our amazing girls’ basketball program,” said senior Alora Schneider.

As seniors have been through multiple pep assemblies, there have been traditions that have been lost. For example, the mini-games were the funniest competition to watch, and it was unique to see all the sports compete against each other. In addition, there was more student involvement.

“Bring the pom-poms back. They are necessary,” stated senior Silverio Mario.

There was a lot of recognition for sports, but one that mostly goes unnoticed is dance. Hearing individuals cheer for this team brought an experience for the team members and gave the freshmen something they will never forget. Likewise, through the band’s support and many fans, the school recognized the Notre Dame basketball team for their state basketball win. 

Most of the time, girls’ sports go unrecognized and fewer individuals attend these events. This moment was a way for the girls to prove their abilities, especially since they were back-to-back champs. There were memorable moments from this pep assembly, from walking across the gym and seeing all your friends to all the speeches and awards given. 

“The most memorable moment from the pep rally was Coach Rohde’s speech. She was so poised and what she said was inspiring, even for someone like me who knows nothing about basketball,” declared freshman Amelia Chrudimsky.

These pep assemblies have made all the difference in their high school experience. It shows individuals’ school spirit and how the student body can come together as one no matter what gender or grade they are in. 

“The pep assembly is one of the moments I will remember about my freshman year, along with countless other moments,” said freshman Morgan Gokey. 

Pep assemblies can make a difference in one’s high school’s journey. Not only do individuals see all the excitement the students have to offer, but everyone gets to recognize all the outstanding accomplishments of fellow Tritons.

Individuals grow closer through the experience, community is built, and surely some are inspired to achieve success like those recognized.