Triton Talk #KnowYourTritons

If a movie were made about your life, what actor/actress would play your role and why?

Triton Talk: If a movie were made about your life, what actor/actress would play your role and why?

Jessica Reigh, junior: “Mila Kunis or Madame Geyer because we all have accents.”


Alex Steber, freshman: “ I would have Tom Hanks or Adam Sandler because I look just like them when they were younger and all three of us have pimping luscious curly hair.”


MariJo Lesatz, freshman: “Blake Lively because she is a great actress and is one of my favorite celebs.”


Anna Tristani, freshman: “Probably my best friend because we’re pretty much the same.”


Jack Gille, freshman: “Probably Morgan Freeman because he looks and sounds like me.”


Lauren Dovorany, freshman: “I would have my best friend play me because she knows everything about me.”


Collin Clark, freshman: “Probably William Fichtner because he’s a good, expressive, and creative character.”


Kendall Lisowski, freshman: “Paige Vaughn because she’s hot.”


Sarah Zarvan, freshman: “Zoey Deschanel because I’m quirky and I have dark hair!”


Shanelle Steeno, freshman: “Carrie Underwood because she’s pretty and has a good heart.”


Kristin Griesbacher, freshman: “Miranda Lambert because she’s spicy.”


Gabby Dupont, freshman: “Rebel Wilson because shes funny and shes like me a lot personality wise”

Cali Gurnicki, freshman: “Beyonce because of her personality traits”


Carter Jacobson, junior: “Will Ferrell because he’s funny.”


Cameron Werner, junior: “Sylvester Stallone because he’s a boss.”


Mr. Geiser, faculty: ”Clint Eastwood because he’s Dirty Harry.”


Kieran Degroot, senior: “Will Smith because I’m the Fresh Prince of Green Bay.”


Haley Besaw, senior: “Andy Samberg because he’s funny.”


Collin Goodletson, senior: “Channing Tatum because he has my kind of personality.”


Colleen Mortell, senior: “Jennifer Lawrence because shes really funny.”


Keeghan Brick, junior: “Brad Pitt because he has good flow.”


Joe Hardy, senior: ”Mel Gibson because he’s a boss.”


Beaux Myers, sophomore: “Mark Wahlberg because he is a really good actor, and is intense.”


Mr. Havlichek, faculty: “Robert Downey Jr. because Sarah Zarvan says ‘He’s a great actor and I look like him.’”


Robert Petitjean, sophomore: “Bradley Cooper because he is good looking.”


Ben Charles, senior: “Mclovin From Superbad because I’m super bad.”


Alex Wendricks, senior: “Adam Sandler because he’s funny.”


Paige Goodwin, senior: “Blake Lively because she’s amazing like me.”


Mr. Neiswender, faculty: “Johnny Depp because he could capture that one mysterious object that I think I like to have.”


Paige Vaughn, freshman: “Melissa McCarthy because she’s hilarious and she really represents my personality.”


Mike DeLeers, freshman: “Robert Pattinson because we are practically the same person.”


Carter Olles, freshman: “Tom Cruise because he is a good actor.”


Aaron Sincoular, senior: “Steve Jobs because his glasses were awesome.”


Ty Yewman, junior: “John Candy because of his sarcasm and wit.”


Jameson Verdegan, junior: “Kevin Hart because he is hilarious.”


Joe Hardy, senior: “Mel Gibson because he’s a boss.”


Abby Almonte, senior: “Robert Downey Jr. because he’s awesome. ‘Nuff said.’”


Mallory Kaster, senior: “Jessica Alba because we’re basically twins.”


Marissa Ziefle, freshman: “Abigail Breslin because she looks similar to me.”


Teddy Suda, sophomore: “Dane Cook, because he’s funny.”


Quinn Snyder, freshman: “Nick Swardson, because he’s funny.”


Zach Pethan, freshman: “Jonah Hill because he looks like me.”


Nick Wagner,sophomore: “Leonardo Dicaprio because he’s my favorite.”


Greta Olivari, sophomore: “Johnny Depp, he’s funny.”


Mary Lovell, senior: “Taylor Swift-we’re quite dramatic.”


Katie Gapinski, freshman: “Me because I’m awesome.”


Lexi FitzGerald, freshman: “Selena Gomez because Carter Olles said so.”


Zach Devroy, senior: “Johnny Depp, he’s a great actor and would do a good job.”


Collin Appleton, junior: “Matt Damon because I like all of his action movies.”

Maren Assef, freshman: “Hannah Lech  because she played a mean ‘Tammy’ in the SMS play.”