Valentine Week Special: NDA’s Most Flirtatious Fellas

Jack Halama, Guest Columnist

You know what everyone says about a sequel, right? They are never as good as the original. I totally agree with that statement, and you, the great people of the Academy, deserve better. You should know I’m not here to write a sequel. I’m here to be informative, original, unique and hopefully entertaining. The wait is over, the return is here…

Street poet and philosopher Aubrey Drake Graham once stated, “Old ways, new women gotta keep the balance.” This is certainly true for many of the boys at NDA, and it is especially true for the people featured in this article. It’s time to decide who the biggest flirt at Notre Dame Academy is. To keep it fair, there will be one tribute from each grade. Then, I will leave it up to the people of the Academy to decide which person is most flirtatious. Let the games begin.


                               The Flirtatious Fellas

Class of 2021: Brendan Poshak

Surprisingly, Brendan was the only hockey player that made the list. I recently saw his phone and was alarmed to realize he had well over 100 snap streaks, an impressive statistic. In addition to his apparent snapchat skills, he also has that Poshak flow that the ladies can’t seem to resist. Combine this all with his self-confidence, and there is no way he is not a favorite for the most flirty guy at the school.


Class of 2020:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know any sophomores and you guys seem lame tbh…


Class of 2019: Bergin Olson

No one should really be very surprised that Bergin is on this list. Why shouldn’t you be surprised? The kid is a social butterfly, and he would probably talk to a rock if he had no one around him. Naturally his talking has grown to compliment his flirting skills. Given the fact that he talks to anyone that’s near him, some of them are bound to be girls. That’s just basic statistics, right Mr. Bobinski? Speaking of that, I can’t wait to silence this kid on the golf course in a couple months.


Class of 2018: Connor Bell

Mr. Steal Your Girl himself, this kid belongs to the game. The first time I met Connor, he was a bashful boy. Now, having mastered his flirting skills, this masculine man has become a real threat in the hallways. His deadliest tactic is his trademarked smolder and lip bite combination. When he pulls this move out of his bag of tricks, consider it game over.