Class of 2022 Registers for Classes on Saturday

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This Saturday morning, January 27, Notre Dame will be filled with some new faces as eighth graders, the class of 2022, from around the Green Bay area and beyond come to Notre Dame to decide what classes they’d like to take in the fall.

It feels like just yesterday I was spending my Saturday morning at Notre Dame with my parents to sit down with a teacher and decide what classes I’d be taking in just a few months. It’s the first time that I really felt like a Triton, that I was finding my new home away from home.

Four years have flown by and while the underclassmen are selecting classes, I’m deciding what college I want to attend. I’m also watching my little sister go through the process of becoming a Triton.

It’s hard to wrap around my head that my baby sister is going to be graduating middle school and moving on to my home for the past four years. I can still remember when she couldn’t pronounce my name right, and now she’s about to choose her high school classes.

Anna is ready for high school and is “ready to move onto a new chapter.” She has spent the last nine years at Holy Family School and can’t wait to see what Notre Dame holds for her.

“I’m excited for new English classes to further my knowledge on writing,” she said. Taking after her sister, Anna also has a love for all types of writing.

When I was a freshman, the school was a lot less terrifying than I thought it would be because my brother Colton was a senior, but I was also compared to him constantly.

“I think it will be weird to not have an older sibling to fall back on when I’m there,” Anna said, “but it will also be a little bit of a relief.”

Anna is also excited for the sports programs that Notre Dame has to offer.

“I can’t wait to join cross country and track. I love to run,” she said. Anna has participated in track throughout middle school, but it will be her first time doing cross country.

It’s crazy to think that in a few months from now my sister and I will be navigating through our new schools separately. I can’t wait to see what the future at Notre Dame holds for my Mini-me.