Sixteen Soloists, One Trio Qualify for State Solo & Ensemble Contest

Meghan Yakel, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

After the recent solo and ensemble competition at Preble High School, Notre Dame Academy will send 16 soloists and one trio to state solo and ensemble in May.

 Solo & Ensemble Festival is for student musicians and groups to learn a piece and play it for a judge.  The judge gives them a score and then gives comments and suggestions. Those who are exceptional move on to the state level.

Students from Notre Dame Academy participate each year. All Green Bay public high schools participate in addition to Providence Academy and Notre Dame Academy.

At the state level of competition, schools from all over northeastern Wisconsin and upper Michigan go to UWGB and perform for different judges.

“It’s similar to sports although the schools are not competing against each other,” said choir teacher Christine Salerno, who plays a major role in helping the students prepare for the contest.

Fifty-eight Class A solos, six ensembles, 24 Class B & C solos participated in the competition at Preble on Saturday, February 24. There are also three events at the Pulaski festival this weekend, as well as two in Lena in April.

Members of special instrumental ensembles will perform at the second Preble High School Festival this upcoming weekend.  Some students do two or three solos.  Some also participate in ensembles.

When it comes to being “ranked” after a performance, judges use scores of *1, 1, 2, 3. A ranking of *1 sends performers to state.

Notre Dame Academy will send 16 soloists and one trio to state solo and ensemble. That is the limit allowed to be sent to state. Pianists, guitarists, and strings also participate.

NDA choir teacher Christine Salerno, said, “It was a great experience for all who participated.  Those who are moving to state are thrilled, of course, and will continue to work on their pieces for UWGB.  It’s nice because some of them are auditioning for music schools, and they’ll have a piece or two ready to go for their auditions.”

The students that have moved to state competition are the following: Noah Sternig, Jenna Cuene, Ava Griffitt, Claire Edgar, Sam Frantz, Stephanie Wilke, Claire Sievert, Marion Hermitanio, Mikey De Villa, Hannah VandenHeuvel, Katie Coyle, Monica Sosa- Hernandez, Emily Seidl, Maya Abujamra, Marybeth Healy, Abby Meyer and piano trio Sam Frantz, Marion Hermitanio and Maddy Burgess.

State Solo and Ensemble is May 5 at UWGB.