Tritons Fall to Pulaski 35-28 for First Loss of Season


Staff Writer, Journalism

At first it looked like any other game the Tritons have played this year.  

Taking the opening kickoff, quarterback Wes Glime connected with his favorite receiver Tommy Martzahl and handed off to running workhorse Brandon Limoni. Suddenly, with ten minutes left in the first quarter the Tritons were up 7-0 over the Pulaski Red Raiders.

But the visitors had weapons of their own, and running back Dylan Hendricks proved to be a challenge for the Tritons’ defense–a challenge that lasted all night. The Raider runner, sometime passer, showed why colleges are seeking his services. Hendricks plowed down the field, and then with 2:39 left in the first quarter Nash Lemerond’s pass tied the score.

By halftime the score was 28-21, Pulaski in the lead.  Included in the second quarter were long runs by Limoni, flashy passes by Glime, and, unfortunately for NDA, runs and passes by Hendricks.  

Whatever adjustments the Tritons did at halftime worked, and the defense showed their stuff several times in the second half.  A key fumble recovery with six minutes left in the game gave the Tritons an opportunity to tie the Raiders.

Behind strong blocking and running the Tritons advanced to the Pulaski 19-yard line.  A false start backed the ball to the 24, but ultimately the NDA men were stifled with 3:11 to go.

The neon-donned student body never stopped cheering for their team.