Bennet Smith Contributes New Military Display in Priory Hallway


Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As NDA students, staff and faculty walk through the halls of NDA, they have recently been greeted with a new hallway display to honor people who have served in the military. This display is showcased in the priory hallway across from the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

“I created this to honor all of those who had served in the military and not just in the Vietnam War,” said sophomore Bennet Smith, who created the display for his Eagle Scout project.

While we already have a Vietnam War display, Smith wanted to dedicate all veterans regardless of what kind. This display is dedicated to the veterans from the predecessor schools of NDA and NDA as well.

The process to create this project required multiple people and groups all working together.

“I went through a few iterations that started with having all of the names of those who served. I then had to get this project approved through my Scout Leader in my troop, approval from Notre Dame and approval from the Bay Lakes Council. Then Jones Sign created the design from my rough copy into what it is currently,” explained the sophomore.

The Eagle Scout project requires scouts to make a “lasting impact on the area where the project will take place and shows leadership to others,” according to Smith.

The inspiration for this project is from Smith’s brother, who is currently serving in the Air Force.

Key influences in creating and approving this project included Smith and his parents, former NDA President Kevin Shaw, Jones Signs and the NDA School Board.