Student Government Planning Senior Banquet at Tundra Lodge

Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year, Covid-19 has affected many school events, including the school dances. Since students are not allowed to have a dance or the traditional Academy Ball this year, Student Government is planning a rather formal end-of-the-year banquet for the Class of ‘21 at the traditional site for Academy Ball–Tundra Lodge. 

In order to gauge how many seniors are interested in attending the banquet, Student Government will be sending out a form. The tickets will go on sale after Easter. The price for the meal and entertainment will be similar to Academy Ball prices in the past. 

This event is not like a dance where you ask someone out or invite individuals from other schools. However, similar to the past events at Tundra Lodge, the seniors will be able to have a choice in the seating selections.

The past few years we have done a buffet with no assigned seating, but with Covid protocols this year, you will select a meal choice and pre-decide whom you would like to sit by. Seating at tables will be limited to a certain number,” said Joe Re, senior class president and member of the Executive Board.

This event is considered a semi-formal/formal event. Seniors are encouraged to wear previously purchased prom dresses and suits. Decorated similar to what would be expected at the Academy Ball, this event will give seniors a chance to have some fun and mingle with their friends. 

After dinner, a comedy show will be provided by Comedy City. 

According to advisers, some other “very interesting” presentations will also be made. 

“If you know Frau,” said English teacher Carolyn  Brown, “you know it will be a fun-filled memorable evening.”