Club Fair on Horizon; Get Involved!

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

If you look way back at some of the first stories I’ve written for the Online Tritonian, you’ll find one about what I learned during my freshman year of high school. One of the things I had on there was to get involved.

At Notre Dame, we have so many classes, clubs and sports that there is a place for everyone.

From on the stage to on the field to in the classroom, everyone has a place here at Notre Dame.

The first thing I joined at Notre Dame was Cross Country. I’m still best friends with a few of the people I met through Cross Country. If I hadn’t done this sport, I wouldn’t have met these people and wouldn’t be friends with them still today.

Another thing I got involved in was Student Government. I ran for class president my freshman year, and unfortunately I didn’t win. But looking at it now, I’m glad I didn’t win that election. Because I lost, I had the opportunity to join the Senate. Senate was just the position I was looking for. I was able to put my thoughts in about changes to school rules as well as changes to dress code. I finally had a voice.

Freshman year I also had the opportunity to join an independent study, Advanced Journalism. I decided to take the chance and here I am, four semesters later, still in the program. I’ve done everything from feature stories to videos to opinion pieces. I really have done it all in this program. To be honest, I hated it at first. One story a week is a lot when you really get down to it. It’s not just the writing but the interviewing that takes a while to coordinate and conduct.

This independent study helped me out in so many ways. I’ve strengthened my writing skills and talking to people. The talking to new people part is still developing, but it’s a skill that I’ve been trying hard to improve because I know I will use it in my future.

There are multiple other clubs I have been involved in. I’m involved in Sting Cancer, Astra, Fall Fest planning, BOTB planning and a few others.

High School is tough. Classes get harder and harder as you go on in your high school career. It’s good to be focused on your school work, but you need a break. Joining clubs and sports is the perfect opportunity to have a break from school work and getting involved with your school.

If I hadn’t gotten involved in clubs and sports, I wouldn’t have met the friends I have and had the amazing opportunities I have.

This Friday, September 9, make sure to check out the Club Fair and find a club that is perfect for you.