Grammy Outfits Turn Heads. . . What Message Sent to Kids?

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

When I was little, I would flip through my mom’s magazines and look at all of the outfits the celebrities were wearing. I couldn’t read the articles or the captions underneath, but I just really liked looking at all of the outfits. I’d see people in gorgeous ball gowns and cute jeans and a blouse. I aspired to one day wear outfits that looked like those I saw the celebrities in.

I don’t know what little five-year-old me would think of some of the outfits that were seen at this year’s Grammys.

Although Lady Gaga wasn’t nominated for any awards, she performed with Metallica and walked the red carpet with them. It was Lady Gaga’s outfit that snapped me into the reality that not all of the celebrities were wearing the stunning dresses anymore. A lot of them were branching out into daring and revealing choices instead.

Lady Gaga was wearing a rather confusing top that did not cover much. In fact, it didn’t even cover her whole breasts. She also wore very short shorts and thigh-high boots.

I am incredibly lucky to be living in a culture where I can do whatever I want and be whatever I want. I don’t have to have a man by my side like many of the women before me. I can be independent and do whatever suits me best.

I feel like some people, celebrities specifically, are taking this a little too far. Everytime a celebrity wears something like what Lady Gaga wore to the Grammys, I think about myself flipping through the fashion magazines. Would I want my five-year-old seeing outfits like Lady Gaga’s?

Girls are told they can wear whatever they want. It isn’t a bad thing, but there is a line that is too often crossed. While thinking about my younger self, I thought about a line that was often used against Donald Trump during his campaign for president: our children are watching.

These overly revealing outfits are showing our kids that that’s what they should wear, and with all the attention these celebrities get, kids are going to start thinking it’s their only option. These kids are going to think that to be pretty or famous they are going to have to wear these outfits that leave little to the imagination.

What stuns me the most is that the same celebrities telling girls they are beautiful no matter what are the same ones who are wearing these revealing outfits.

Adele looked stunning at the Grammys in a longsleeved olive green dress. Andra Day looked beautiful in an orange floor-length gown. Tori Kelly wore a unique green ruffled dress. Camila Cabello wore, my favorite dress of the night, a grey ball gown, but dresses like Adele’s, Andra Day’s, Tori Kelly’s and Camila Cabello’s weren’t the main focus. It was the outfits that should barely be identified as an outfit that were all over the news outlets the following morning.

I am incredibly happy with the improvements women have made. We have truly come so far throughout the years. Of course trends fade and styles change, and hopefully my kids won’t be looking at celebrities who barely wear anything.

I keep coming back to this one idea: our children are watching. Is this what we want them to be seeing?