Academy Chatter: Who Is Your Role Model and Why?

Journalism I students, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Maggie Miller, senior: “My brother because he is kind, smart and unapologetically himself. He is the most genuine person I think I will ever meet.”

Kimmy Umentum, senior: “Jesus Christ because he is Jesus Christ.”

Bailei Anders, senior: “My mom because she lived a Christian lifestyle.”

Max Pallini, senior: “Vincent is my role model because he is a great example of how to live a balanced life of football, faith and family.”

Molly Rader, sophomore: “My dad because he’s awesome.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: “My mom because she’s always positive.”

Carlos Zaragoza, sophomore: “ My dad because he is hard-working and determined.”

Emma Paulson, sophomore: “ Myself because I shouldn’t try to be or act like anyone other than me.”

Madison Moreau, freshmen: “ My Grandma is my role model because she always confronted her problems and never backed down.”

Janine Moreno, senior: “Bob Ross because there’s no mistakes only happy little accidents.”

Lily Schumacher, senior: “My mom. She’s a good role model for me because she knows how to get through every challenge in life by being in touch with her emotions.”

Clare Ravizza, senior: “Ruth Bater Ginsberg. She isn’t taking an easy way out because she’s old, but she knows she can’t give up her role.  She’s still going to stand up and fight for what she believes in.”

Lily Brada, senior: “My dad because I strive to be as knowledge as he in as many topics.”

Molly McKenna, senior: “I would say my dad because of the way he understands life.”

Grace Fangman, junior: “My dad because he is such a hard worker.”

Aeva Verboort, junior: “My mom because she is everything i want to be.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “Josie Sullivan because she is the best dancer I have seen in my entire life and I aspire to be her.”

Grady Brick, junior: “Fuzz French because he is a hoss.”

Mitch Chosa, junior: “My dad because he has taught me to be a good person.”

Rachel Bal, sophomore: “My mom because she is a great person.”

Bella Brabazon, sophomore: “My mom because she has always been there for me and she inspires me to be the best I can be.”

Alex Roach, sophomore: “My dad because he has taught me important life skills.”

Maddie Vincent, sophomore: “Blake Lively because she has shown me that I can achieve whatever goals I have in life.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: “My mom because she is always positive and supportive even when things are difficult.”

Sam Warpinski, senior: “William Schneider- he drinks at least three Dews a day with no side effects.”

Noal Watzka, senior: “Easy, Jon Snow- he is the strongest man I know.”

Maddie Woodward, senior: “Nikki Schneider- she is right about everything and knows how to give the greatest advice ever.”

Stephen Scripp, senior: “Cristiano Ronaldo because he worked hard for what he has and is now the best at what he does.”

Alex Ruiz, senior: “Jack Sparrow because of his taste in clothing.”

Ali Welker, freshman: “My grandma because she’s a good person.”

Allison Johnson, freshman: “My role model is my mom because she has taught me many life lessons, and I strive to be as smart as her.”

Ammarae Peebles, freshman: “Syd Slack because she is such an intimidating and talented volleyball player, and I hope I can be as good of a leader as she is someday.”

Garrett Grzesk, freshman: “My dad because he taught me basketball.”

Paige Van Pelt, sophomore: “My mom because she gets so much done for our family, keeps us all in check and keeps herself gorgeous.”

Ellie Rose, sophomore: “Sydney Slack because she is like an older sister, and I want to be able to play like her.”

Hayden Benner, sophomore: “Probably my dad  because he’s always there for me and he made his own way in life.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “My role model would have to be my grandma because she got married at the age of 18 and had two children  which prevented her from having a college education. She started a successful business with no college degree. She still runs this business today. I would say she’s pretty inspirational.”

Sydney Lemkuil, sophomore: “My grandma because she always wants the best for us.”

Emily Cribben, sophomore: “My mom because she is the most selfless person I know.”

Marcellus Thiry, junior: “Alex Turner because he was very awkward in his young age, but then he grew up confident. I feel like I can relate.”

Robert Gurnicki, junior: “Mr.Hill because he is the person who started my love for Jazz.”

Matt Hummel, junior: “Marcellus Thiry because he is just amazing.”

Will Urick, sophomore: “Will Ferrell because he is funny.”

Henry Wied, sophomore: “Kyle Barr of the freshman grade because there is just something about him.”

Rio O’Toole, sophomore: “God because he loves me and always watching over me.”

Jack Christensen, freshman: “Mrs. Brown because she is a great teacher and makes class fun. If I was a teacher I would want to be like her.”

Nadine Johnson, junior: “My dad because he risks his own life for the lives of others being a cop.”

Micah Dennis, junior: “My brothers because they’re always looking out for each other and showing me how to be protective and loving to one another.”

Max Hennigan, sophomore: “My friends because they are always pushing me to be the best person I can be.”

Ared Hernandez, sophomore: “ My friend Goretty inspires me because she’s strong and smart.”

Jasmine Ortiz, sophomore: “ My mom inspires me because she’ll do anything for me and my sister.”

Hailey Swonger, junior: “ My friend Breanna VanDreel inspires me because she’s not afraid to be weird.”

Jackie Brady, sophomore: “ My sister inspires me because she’s a great influence.”

Alea Mills, senior: “ My mom inspires me because she takes care of me and loves me.”

Howie Gerstner, sophomore: “Tyler the Creator because he created a brand out of nothing.”

Sam Schmid, sophomore: “My Grandma Jeannie. She’s a saint.”

Joel Meglic, sophomore: “Brian Burlsworth.”

Evan Skaletski, sophomore: “My role model is Ryan Naparella.”

Seth Baeten, freshman: “Owen Brummel.”