Academy Chatter: What Is Your Favorite Fall Activity and Why?

Journalism Students , Journalism I

Jack Gagnon, freshman: “Hunting because I enjoy spending time outside with my friends and family.”

Ammarae Peebles, freshman: “Taking a walk and seeing all of the colored leaves on the trees and smelling the crisp fall air.”

Sofia Algas, freshman: “Hanging outside with family and friends because it’s fun and cozy.”

Ali Welker, freshman: “Black Friday because I love looking at clothes and trying stuff on.”

Garrett Grzesk, freshman: “Football in the yard because that’s what fall is all about.”

Molly Rader, sophomore: “Watch football because that’s all my family does.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: “Walk in the Door County woods with my pups because it’s pretty.”

Taylor Massart, sophomore: “Leaves because they change colors and are pretty.”

Sarah Lelinski, sophomore: “Football games because I like sports.”

Mariah Michalski, sophomore: “Color of trees because it’s pretty.”

Howie Gerstner, sophomore: “The climate and the crisp air.”

Sam Schmid, sophomore: “The color of the changing of the leaves.”

Joel Meglic, sophomore: “Football.”

Evan Skaletski, sophomore: “High school, college, and professional football.”

Seth Baeten, freshman: “Going on runs.”

Amy Stover, staff: “Pick apples and make things from them from scratch because it is comforting.”

Gracie Degroot, senior: “Carve pumpkins because I like to eat the seeds.”

Claire Sievert, senior: “I like watching the leaves change color in autumn because it is pretty.”

Jack Halama, senior: “Drinking hot apple cider and spending time with the people I love because it is a quality time of the year.”

Kennedy Onell, senior: “Dancing at football games because we get to be down on the track with the players with a good view of the game.”

Sam Warpinski, senior: “Fall Fest dance. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends and other kids from school.”

Maddie Woodward, senior: “Getting to drink coffee without overheating.”

Grace Shaw, senior: “My favorite fall activity is hiking and walking through nature because of the crisp air and the beautiful fall colors. It is a very good and relaxing feeling.”

Michael Heide, senior: “Mine is football season because i get to play with friends.”

Stephen Scripp, senior: “My favorite fall activity is watching the leaves change color because it fills up my schedule.”

Marcellus Thiry, junior: “Hanging out with friends because it’s fun!”

Robert Gurnicki, junior: “Go on walks because I like looking at the leaves.”

Mickey De Villa, junior: “Hanging out with friends because it’s fun.”

Matt Hummel, junior: “Deer hunt because I get to shoot at things.”

Alexandra Van Dreel, sophomore: “Taking long hikes through the woods because I like the  colors.”

Chloe Capomaccio, junior: “Going apple picking.”

Abby Meyer, junior: “Haunted houses.”

Grace Balison, junior: “Go to haunted houses, hay rides, and drink hot chocolate.”

Claire Kini, junior: “Haunted houses with my boyfriend Mitch.”

Will Templeton, junior: “Watch football.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: “Carving pumpkins.”

Olivia Cullen, sophomore: “Apple picking.”

Emily Cribben, sophomore: “Apple picking.”

Ellie Rose, sophomore: “Halloween parties.”

Ellese Martin, sophomore: “Haunted houses.”

Chloe Greenwood, sophomore: “Carving pumpkins with my friends.”

Emma Paulson, sophomore: “Curl up in a big blanket.”

Rio O’Toole, sophomore: “Picking apples with my family.”

Nadine Johnson, junior: “Carving pumpkins.”

Micah Dennis, junior: “Baking pumpkin seeds with my family.”

Alex Roach, sophomore: “My favorite activity is watching packer games because the packers are awesome.”

Noah Sternig, sophomore: “Spending time with my family and seeing the leaves fall.”

Connor Crown, sophomore: “Playing football because football is a fun thing to do.”

Tim Geocaris, sophomore: “Spending time with my friends and family because it’s a good time of the year.”

Rachel Bal, sophomore: “Football games because they are fun to go to and watch.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “Watching the leaves turn colors.”

Litzy Guevara, sophomore: “Watching the leaves fall, change color and the wind.”

Albert Yanez, sophomore: “New sports.”

Bethany Martinez, sophomore: “The weather.”

Xochi Martinez, sophomore: “The leaves.”

Aeva Verboort, junior: “Pick a pumpkin and then carve it with Fuzz.”

Mitch Chosa, junior: “Bow hunting because I’ve been doing it all my life.”

Jake Gryboski, junior: “I like to go to corn mazes because I like to hang out in Amish.”

Emily Lin, sophomore: “Play soccer because I love the game.”

Katherine Fangman, sophomore: “I like the clothes in fall because they are cute.”