Academy Chatter: What Is Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Staff Writers , Journalism I Students

Clara Blumreich, sophomore: The Shining because it’s good and crazy.”

Molly Rader, sophomore: “I don’t watch horror movies.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: Split because it has an actually good plot line.”

Carlos Zaragoza, sophomore: The Conjuring 2 because it’s good.”

Sarah Lelinski, sophomore: Nightmare on Elm Street because it’s so fake.”

Ellie Rose, sophomore:Nightmare On Elm Street because it is the least scary and I hate scary movies.”

Hannah Guyette, sophomore:Hush because I hate scary movies and it’s not that scary.”

Adison Karbon, sophomore:Halloween because it’s not scary.”

Hayden Benner, sophomore:It because it didn’t go along with the book but it was still good.”

Mariah Michalski, sophomore: Annabelle because it’s not that scary, and I don’t like scary movies.”  

Maddie Reitz, senior: It because it’s scary without being pee-your-pants scary.”

Anastasia Giegel, junior: “My favorite scary movie is The Conjuring because I love the music, the visuals and the story. It’s all very well orchestrated.”

Meghan Yakel, senior:The Ring because it’s scary.”

Bailei Anders, senior: It because I hate clowns.”

Lily Schumacher, senior: The Shining because it’s just- ooh! This is hard. Still The Shining. It’s between that and Rear Window.”

Caleb Ledvina, sophomore: The Conjuring.

Carson Gilson, sophomore:The Purge.

Max Hennigan, sophomore:Friday the 13th.

Emma Paulson, sophomore:Nightmare before Christmas.

Rio O’Toole, sophomore:It.

Sam Schmid, sophomore: The Conjuring because it is very scary.”

Tonja Gerondale, staff: Nightmare on Elm Street because it’s more suspense, not too much gore, and I like the plot line.”

Maddie Jaloscynski, junior: IT because it was a good movie to watch.”

Andrew Gruesen, senior: Paranormal Activity because I like the suspense that it holds; it does a good job of keeping you in your seat.”  

Michael Heide, senior: IT because the little boy is dead.”

Noal Watzka, senior: “Split because It reminds me of Alex Ruiz, and Tusk because it reminds me of Sam Warpinski.”

Maddie Woodward, senior: “The Conjuring.”

Emily Conard, senior: “I hate scary movies.”

Grant Shilbauer, senior: “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It’s scary to me.”

Lauren Welker, senior:Mostly Ghostly: Who Let The Ghosts Out because it gave me nightmares that my basement had people living behind walls.”

Maggie Miller, senior:American Psycho because it’s a classic. Retro scary movies are the best! They have their own creepy cinematography to them that are very unique.”

Gracie Degroot, senior: Hocus pocus. It’s not scary, but it’s a Halloween movie, and what’s not to love about it?”

Maddie Reitz, senior: “IT because it’s scary without being pee-your-pants scary.”

Madison Hansen, junior:Halloween Town because it’s the best, hands down, no arguments.”

Ella Tristani, junior:Twitches is the absolute scariest because of that black dust thing.”

Rachel Van Hefty, freshman: “The Conjuring.”

Ali Welker, freshman:Mama because it’s funny even though it’s suppose to be scary.”

Sammy Opichka, freshman:The Conjuring because it’s scary and has a good backstory.”

Ammarae Peebles, freshman:It because I’m scared of clowns, and I screamed every time Pennywise popped out.”

Paige Van Pelt, sophomore: “It.”

Jack Kress, sophomore: “Dracula because it is a classic.”

Rachel Bal, sophomore: “Hush because it keeps me interested.”

Sam Peterman, sophomore:The Conjuring because it gets the juices going.”

Tim Geocaris, sophomore: “IT because I saw it with my favorite person.”

Katherine Zeise, junior: “The Last Exorcism because it is the first scary movie I saw, and it made me cry.”

Conner Wendricks, sophomore: “It because it’s the only one I have seen.”

Anna Smith, freshman: “Haunting in Connecticut because it’s the only one I‘ve seen.”

Connor Crown, sophomore: “It because I just watched the original one for the first time and it was amazing.”

Noah Sternig, sophomore: The Shining because it’s a classic.”

Mitch Chosa, junior: Silence of the Lambs because it expresses my inner thoughts.”

Tyasts Sydney, freshman: The Conjuring because it’s funny.”

Grace Fangman, junior: Sinister because it is not scary.”

Molly French, staff: The Shining because that was popular when I was young, and I used to watch it.”

Ashley Tuszka, junior:Haunted Mansion because I haven’t seen any horror movies.”

Madeline Laaksonen, junior:Blair Witch Project because I love the fear you feel towards the movie.”

Micah Dennis, junior:  “Insidious because they are scary but have humor to me.”

Audrey Sladek, junior:  “Children of the Corn-Original because it is funny.”

Daniel Campos, senior:  “Mama because I haven’t seen others.”

Max Hennigan, sophomore:Friday the 13th or Halloween because I like those kind of slasher movies with fake tension.”

Howie Gerstner, sophomore: Ouija.”

Logan Pierce, sophomore: Scary Movie.”

Aeva Verboort, junior:The Conjuring.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “Any of the Saw movies.”

Grace Balison, junior: The Final.

Grace Fangman, junior: “The Conjuring 2.”

Abby Meyer, junior:Final Destination 3.”