Juniors, Get Ready! It’s Naviance Time!

Nate Smith, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As the 2017-18 school year comes to a close many students still have school on their minds.  Seniors this year are still preparing for college even though most of them are going to definitely take some time off to relax from this year.  The juniors get to look forward to start applying for colleges if they haven’t started already.

Naviance is a great tool that many of the students, if not all, should use.  Naviance communicates with colleges around the nation and allows students to create a list of the colleges that they want to attend.

Naviance will also help students find out their own personality traits, their strengths, interests and much more.  This can help them find a college that will fit them better than any other college and still offer the courses that fit them as a person.  

The sooner you do the Naviance profile the sooner you can get to know the colleges you may want to consider.  Each college has its own deadlines that the student needs to meet. Most colleges follow one deadline, though, and that is November 1, but this is the earliest date for a deadline.  

The application deadline and process can be somewhat flexible and controlled by the student.  If the student wants to put grades in right now, he can, but if he wants to wait and boost his GPA, he can put them in at a later time.  This also goes along with the ACT because students are able to take it multiple times.

The staff of Notre Dame is a big help, especially the counselors and Mrs. Becky Bain, college counselor.  They are the people that students are able to to talk with about what goes on in their lives and what they want to do after high school.  They especially help with student choices and answer questions.

Naviance is a great tool, but for a student nothing can be better than the person in front of you helping you make decisions that could shape the rest of your life.  The NDA counselors are effective at supporting and addressing the needs of students who are often overwhelmed by post-high school planning.