Academy Chatter: What has been the highlight of your first two weeks of school?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

Bridget Stillwell, sophomore: “My highlight has been meeting new people.”

Anna Kyles, sophomore: “I hate school, so probably dance and the social aspect.”

Magdalena Helfenberger, sophomore: “The helpful teachers and study hall. At my old school we didn’t get study halls, but they are a big help to study or catch up on things.”

Daniela Ron, sophomore: “Football games, everything else is boring.”

Cristina Flores, sophomore: “I don’t like my classes, so hanging with friends.”

Anna Schaut, senior: “The highlight of the first couple weeks of school would be the amazing feeling of leaving after seventh hour and going home to take a nap.”

Grady Brick, senior: “Seeing all of my friends.”

Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “Getting back into a routine and seeing all my friends and the teachers.”

Hana Reitz, junior: “So far the football games.”

Stella DeMeuse, senior: “That’s tough but probably eating all of Mr. Kriegl’s food.”

Molly Rader, junior: “I have enjoyed being on the volleyball team.”

Eli Servais, junior: “My College Credit Calculus class.”

Taylor Massart, junior:  “Definitely when I got a referral.”

Jaci Brady, junior:  “Tennis season starting up again.”

Jacob Massart, freshman: “My highlight has been making new friends.”

Madison Hansen, senior: “I had a lot of fun at the football game against Ashwaubenon.”

Jake Gryboski, senior: “The home opener football game.”
Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “Coming to school and seeing all my friends.”
Brelyn McCarron, senior: “Cheering at the first football game.”
Maddie Jaloszynski, senior: “Spending time with friends at the football games.”
Mr. Shane Lagerman, staff: “To be able to see the young people ready to learn once more.”

Henry Wied, junior: “Football game against Ashwaubenon.”

Elizabeth Hoeppner, junior: “Getting to see everyone and getting back into the swing of things.”

Michael Pack, junior: “Missing half a day on Monday.”

Keegan Gille, junior: “Catching the game-winning touchdown in week two.”

Tara Janas, sophomore: “Getting to see people after a long summer break.”

Senora VW, staff: “The highlight has been getting to see students again.”

Tola Adejumo, sophomore: “Watching my friends get dress coded.”

Alex Mach, freshman: “Meeting new friends has been my highlight.”

Sophie Woodward, junior: “The football games are my highlight.”

Bridget Kapic, junior: “Getting ready for our first dance performance at a football game.”

Abby VanOoyen, junior: “Going to football games.”

Bella Weslow, junior: “Seeing my friends everyday after not seeing them all summer.”

Mariah Michalski, junior: “Seeing my friends again.”

Helen Treankler, senior: “Taking Mr. Geiser’s math tests again.”

Kamryn Adams-McIntosh, sophomore transfer: “Meeting new people.”

Ella Jensen, sophomore: “I really like all of my classes and teachers this year. They’re fun and full of interesting discussions.”

Elizabeth Hoeppner, junior: “Seeing friends again and meeting my new teachers. It feels good to get back into the swing of things.”

Anna Grzelak, senior: “Seeing my friends a lot more than I do in the summer.”

Charley Apple, sophomore: “My highlight has been being able to come and see all of my friends again.”

Tommy Schumacher, junior : “My highlight has been being to see all of my squad again.”

Yessenia Ramos, senior: “My highlight has been to see all of my teachers.”

Larry Reyes, senior: “My highlight has been being lucky enough to get over these two weeks before anything. I am also ready to graduate.”

Rebekah Boucher, senior: “My highlight has been being able to see you, Tania.”

Dominic Vanden Elzen, sophomore: “My Honors Biology class.”

Bella Zent, senior: “Getting to see all of my friends again, especially Olivia Vanden Elzen.”

Trinity Janowski, senior: “Umm, nothing really.”

Kayla Whatley, senior: “ Mondays and Fridays when I have zero hour or 8th hour off.”

Bailee Malcore, senior: “Seeing all of my friends that I didn’t see much over summer vacation.”

Goretty Juarez, junior:  “The three-day weekend.”

Xochitl Martinez, junior: “After-school hours.”

Jasmin Ortiz, junior: “Spending time with Bethany.”

Guadalupe Rivera, junior:  “Having friends in my classes.”

Rebekah Boucher, senior: “I’ve had a lot of homework and everything is kind of stressful. I’m grounded, but I’m glad I get to see my friends during school.”

Yesenia Ramos, senior: “I’ve had a lot of homework and I’m already falling behind even though it’s the second week.”

Mary Cortes, senior: “ I don’t want to be back, but I’ve had a lot of homework. The school’s pretty laid back.”

Larry Reyes, senior: “It’s not as stressful as other years; teachers have been pretty laid back in giving us time.”

Jannae Walden, sophomore: “It’s been sad like any other day.”