Don’t Take School for Granted

Mariah Michalski, Staff Writer, Journalism I

School is a privilege that many people take for granted. Many view school as a burden and a waste of time, something that they are forced to do. Some skip school without thinking about what important aspects they will be missing. School is a place where you learn different skills that will eventually be put to use in the real world. Here are five reasons why you should not skip school.

  1. You are missing out on a learning opportunity: Everyday should be viewed as a chance to learn something new. By taking a day off you are missing out on that opportunity to expand your knowledge.
  2. You will have to make up the missed work anyway: While it may seem that skipping a day will be relaxing and fun, it actually creates more work for you to do. Depending on what you missed, you might have to teach yourself a new concept or catch up on work that you missed in class.
  3. It does not make a good impression on your teachers: If you make a habit of skipping class you will probably not make a good impression on your teachers. It would appear to them that you do not take their class seriously and are not willing to put in effort.
  4. It is a waste of money spent on your education: Tuition can be very expensive, and every time you skip school you are missing a chance to learn. This learning experience is what your parents are paying for and you are not getting the most out of your precious money.
  5. You will be less prepared for tests/ assignments: The more you are in class, the more you will pick up on what points the teacher is emphasizing and focusing on more. You never know when your teacher or classmate will come up with the perfect acronym to help you memorize something.

Many kids around the world are not given the opportunity to attend school and students who skip school are abusing their opportunity to learn. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”