Academy Chatter: What are you most looking forward to over Christmas break?

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Chloe Greenwood, junior: “Sleeping in and hanging out with my friends.”

Gioia Cumicek, junior: “Not having school.”

Adison Karbon, junior: “Seeing my family and friends.”

Megan Zasuly, junior: “Shopping.”

Katie Crane, junior: “Spending time with family.”

Maggie Otradovic, junior: “Having down time and time away from school.”

Faith Windey, sophomore: “Snow.”

Steven Piechota, sophomore: “Snowmobiling.”

Grace Mongin, sophomore: “Going to see my family and sleeping in.”

Charlotte Vandenheuvel, sophomore: “See my brother.”

Marcus Hornacek, junior: “No homework.”

Henry Weid, junior: “Getting all my presents from Santa.”

Evan Walczyk, junior: “Santa coming in my house.”

Lauren Schauer, junior: “Seeing my family.”

Cathy Baeten, junior: “I’m most excited to fly to Indonesia and Malaysia for Christmas and News Year’s to visit my family.”

Michael Hummel, junior: “Sleeping in.”

Luca Frigo, junior: “Doing donuts in parking lots..”

Howie Gerstner, junior: “I’m going to a Flatbush Zombies concert on Friday, and it’s going to be litty.”

Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “Spending time with family and friends and we have no traditions.”

Benj VanHandel, senior: “My grandma’s cookies, family, and no school.”
Fuzz French, sophomore: “I am most excited for Christmas and we always go to my grandma’s on Christmas Eve.”
Jada Ver Boort, senior: “Seeing my family that I do not see very much and the tradition of going to my grandma and grandpa’s.”
Maddie Jaloszynski, senior: “Most excited to see my brother and the tradition of going to my grandma’s on Christmas Eve.”
Grace Balison, senior: “This Christmas my family is breaking the tradition of going skiing in Vail, CO, and going to Hawaii. I am the most excited to watch the sunrise on Christmas morning over a volcano and enjoy being on the beach with my whole family.” 
Hannah Vanden Heuvel, senior: “I am most excited to have a reunion brunch with my pals from 8th grade.”
 Rebekah Boucher, senior: “I am excited to spend Christmas with my boyfriend’s family for the first time.”
Hope Kumrei, senior: “I am most excited to see family that lives far away. The tradition of making cookies and opening presents on Christmas morning.”
Brelyn McCarron, senior: “Going to Minnesota to see my family like we do every year.  Or Christmas Eve at my great grandma’s house, she always makes the best pumpkin pie.”
Spencer Allen, junior:  “I am most excited for having a break from school, so I have time to hang out with the boys and play hockey. For Christmas traditions my mom’s side of the family and my family has a cookie day.”
Evan Witczak, junior: “Spending time with family and having a break from school.”
Nick Foscato, junior: “I am most excited for finals to be over and to get lots of sleep and have fun with my friends.  We have do a white elephant for a tradition.”
Maggie Tressler, freshman: “I am excited to go skiing with my family.” 
Rachel Van Hefty, sophomore: “I am most excited to see my family that lives out of town and spend time with loved ones.”
Tommy Martzhal, senior: “I am most excited to go to my grandparents on Christmas Eve and spend time with my family.”
Riley Onell, junior: “I am most excited to see family and for our holiday tournament for hockey.”
Colleen Philbin, senior: “I am excited to be with all my family, and we do a secret Santa every year.”
Sam Gille, freshman: “Spending time with family and opening gifts together.”
Grace Fangman, senior: “I am excited to spend Christmas with my cousins that I have not seen in ten years.”
Bella McCarron,sophomore: “The break from school because it is super nice to be stress free and not have to worry about anything. Every Christmas we usually go to Minnesota and visit our family.”
Olivia Cullen, junior: “Going to my cottage and snowmobiling with my family.”