Academy Chatter: What is your favorite fall tradition or activity?

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Mattea Vecera, senior: “Apple picking with my friends and making caramel apples.”

Olivia Cullen, senior: “I love going up to Door County to pick pumpkins.”

Mr. Kriegl, staff: “I love the cold, but it’s not too cold. The autumn air is different; I love the smell.”

Danny Nenning, junior: “I enjoy fishing during the fall; it’s a great fishing season.”

Abby Wittler, senior: “I hate the cold so I like wearing warm and comfy clothes.”

Katie Vercauteren, sophomore: “I like going apple picking with my family. Then making Caramel apples and sitting outside in a flannel on a fall day.”

Soo-yin Brown, sophomore: “Trick or treating and pumpkin carving.”

 Sammy Treml,  junior: “Watching scary movies.” 

Carlene Goral, sophomore: “Watching football on Sunday with the windows open.”

Lauren Schauer, senior: “Going to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte wearing a sweater and boots.” 

Max Timmer, senior: “Pumpkin picking with my family.” 

Kai Assef, senior: “Visiting grandmother in the village.”

Hanna Reitz, senior: “Apple picking with my family.”

Emmett Lawton, freshman: “Halloween trick or treating.”

Sydney VanWychen, senior: “I really enjoy playing soccer in the fall with my club team.”

Elizabeth Hoeppner, senior: “Pumpkin carving or making our apple crisp stuff for on top of ice cream.”

Rio O’Toole, senior: “Pumpkin carving and going to haunted houses.” 

Cathy Baeten, senior: “Chai lattes.” 

Ian Ernst, senior: “Pumpkin carving and I loved Halloween as a kid.” 

Faith Barington, junior: “Carving pumpkins.” 

Izzy Spaulding, junior: “Pumpkin picking and carving because it’s fun and creative and cool and crisp.”

Aidan Guiou, junior: “Halloween because, you know, Satan and stuff.”

Melanie Burnell, junior: “Hot chocolate because I can’t drink it during the summer.”

Jannae Walden, junior: ”Watching Halloween movies because they remind me of my childhood.”

Margaret Bolin, junior: “The SNC fall day because there is a photo booth and carving and bouncy things and caricature and stuff.”

Chris Charles, sophomore: “My favorite fall tradition is getting with my family on Thanksgiving and watching the football game.”

Triston Behrend, sophomore: “My favorite tradition is celebrating Thanksgiving with my family in Michigan every year.”

Andrew Delvoye, sophomore: “Celebrating Thanksgiving with my family then going out on Black Friday to get a present for someone in the family.”

Nick Massabni, sophomore: “Pumpkin spice everything.”

Sean Manning, sophomore: “Carving pumpkins with my family.”

Bryn Danen, junior: “Carve pumpkins.”

Bridget Charles, senior: “Thanksgiving dinner.”

Cashay Lewis, senior: “Going to haunted houses.”

Reilly Diederich, senior: “Hanging out with friends and family.”

Litzy Guevara, senior: “Thanksgiving dinner.”

Seth Baeten, junior: “Watching Stanley play football!”

Robert Healy, junior: “Beating people in fantasy football.”

Hogan Anderson, junior: “Football games.”

Jack Christensen, junior:  “Sitting  around campfires with friends.”

Owen Riordan, junior: “Taking naps.”

Anna Lippert, sophomore: “Raking leaves with my dad.”

Harrison James, sophomore: “Getting together with my family and friends and having Thanksgiving dinner.”

Anthony Brunette, sophomore: “Watching horror movies with my sister.”

Jacob Massart, sophomore: “Hockey.”

Anna Schueller, sophomore: “Halloween because you get free candy.”