Take Two: Boys Soccer Happy to Be Playing Again

Joey Bonadonna, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Due to COVID-19, the WIAA allowed all fall sports teams to move their season to the spring. Like NDA football and volleyball, boys soccer got that opportunity.

But, unlike football and volleyball, soccer got to play already last fall. Now it’s “take two” for the program.

How does this affect them? Does their fall record count? After the move to the spring, the team felt they were yanked from a successful season right before the playoffs. 

“We were able to build team chemistry, and hopefully we carry it into the spring,” said sophomore Emmett Lawton.

Before moving to the spring, the Tritons didn’t lose a game, while tying two. 

Among the difference-makers of their “undefeated” fall season was Lawton. He finished with 6 goals and 3 assists, all in just 8 games.

“I am hopeful for more chances to be in a position to do what I love to do this spring,” Lawton said. “We are fortunate to have a great team that meshes well and gives the forwards many opportunities for success each game.”

Since the rest of the FRCC already moved to the spring, the Tritons will now face off against their conference rivals, instead of their independent schedule in the fall. This means playing against more familiar opponents.

But, regardless of the opponent, the Tritons are happy to be on the field.

“Whether the opponent is in our conference or not, we are just looking to improve every time we hit the field,” Lawton said. “Especially given this odd season with the pandemic, any games we can squeeze in are greatly appreciated.”

The Tritons opened their 2021 spring season at home on Tuesday against Sturgeon Bay.