Seven Ways of Looking at Defeat

Raija Hansen, Writer, Creative Writing class

I do not want to admit it,
I faced a tragic defeat,
One I was sure to win,
But the past cannot be undone.

Maybe I should fess up,
I could have done better,
And next time I will.
I will look at my flaws,
And win the next round.

I did not win,
It was not fair.
My opponent cheated,
So why did I lose?

This was not a bad experience,
I can prove that.
Even though I was defeated,
There is opportunity in every failure.

Defeat is not the end,
Now I shall review
What exactly happened.
Where was I flawed?

Losing is only part of the game.
It’s nothing but experience.
If I keep my eye on the target,
I will come out as the champion.

I lost but that is only part of it,
And winning comes after.
Practice makes perfect,
Isn’t that what they say?