Art Club in Existence for 19 Years

Monserrat Bustamante, Staff Writer

Art Club, one of the many clubs at NDA, has been in existence for more than 19 years.

Mrs. Barb Brandtner, art teacher and adviser to the club, wanted to give the students an opportunity to join Art Club, a place where they would have fun and come together and share their passion of Art.

“The students’ membership drives the club,” said Brandtner.

Art Club is a very active club with parties for Halloween and Christmas, the  making of t-shirts and the opportunity to relax with friends.

One of Mrs. Brandtner favorite memories of Art Club are the parties and the jewelry the students made and sold about ten years ago.

This year the club is full of a hard-working group of people who have been in the club for four years.

Art Club has a central planning committee that includes Anastasia Geigel, Rachel Stover, Megan Southwick, Celia Glime, Nadine Druar, Serena Siudzinski and Susan Rose.

Siudzinski, in her second year of Art Club, joined her freshman year because it “sounded interesting” and she “loved art.

Her favorite memory of Art Club is visiting the Kohler Museum, but she is also looking forward to having the Halloween party and Christmas party.