Yearbook Club: More Than Making a Yearbook

Olivia Blumb, Staff Writer

One of Notre Dame Academy’s most noticeable clubs, Yearbook Club, is back in action creating this year’s yearbook and teaching teamwork to its new and old members.

The Yearbook Club, advised by Ms. Stefanie Jochman, has a core team of senior staff who have had at least a year of experience in Yearbook. Jochman counts on her senior staff to help to share their prior knowledge with all.

The NDA yearbook started back when the school did in 1990. After some research, Jochman found out that the yearbook was formerly known as The Triton. Its name today is The Trident.

According to Jochman, the goal of the Yearbook staff is to cover and represent the memories of all students from the school year.  

“We want to see you somewhere else in the book besides your mugshot in the student section,” Ms Jochman said.

There is no “typical” meeting for the club because it depends on the time of year.  A typical meeting in the fall is picking a theme or design, but from November and forward, a typical meeting is a work session in Lab 109 to caption or name students in pictures, edit pages and design layout.

Teamwork is one of the most important aims of the club. Teamwork creates a community aspect for “all to work as one” to create the staff’s “baby,” as Ms. Jochman says.

A senior and three-year member of Yearbook club, Keeli Otto says she joined the club because she was influenced by upperclassmen. Otto said, “Yearbook is about teamwork and making sure that everyone has a say in matters.”

Yearbook Club is an option for those who want to be involved in everything and not be the star player. Jochman said, “It’s a great opportunity if you aren’t involved in other clubs but want to be involved in one. It helps to see what else was out there.”

According to Jochman, some of the best yearbook students are the ones that know everything about the school and can catch the whole school’s experience.

The club is also an option for those who like to write and people who are interested in graphic design. Learning these skills, says Jochman, can create a future career even if a person has no background now.

Readers who have pictures to submit to the yearbook, can send them to Ms. Jochman’s email, [email protected].