Three Things to Do in Green Bay in Summer

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As summer approaches, NDA students are looking for things to do in Green Bay. While many believe Green Bay is a small, boring town, they’re still many things to do. Here are three things to do this summer in Green Bay.

1.Bay Beach

Bay Beach is a cheap and fun thing to do on boring days in Green Bay. With tickets being 25 cents and the huge selection of rides, it is the place to be. The perfect time to go is late May or early July because with most schools still being in session, the wait times are shorter. I highly recommend the Zippin Pippin!

2. Sarah’s Artisan Gelato

Sarah’s Artisan Gelato is the best gelato location in Green Bay. The handcrafted Italian influenced gelato fills you up and is cheap for the joy you get. I highly recommend this on a nice Green Bay summer afternoon. I recommend the salted caramel or the banana cream pie flavor.

3. Volunteering at a local place

Continuing to serve the community as NDA students doesn’t have to be just a during-the-school-year thing. Places like MDA, Paul’s Pantry and local parishes are always in need of help. Why not spend the morning continuing the core values of NDA and serve with your friends? Serving your community leads to feeling fulfilled and continuing to spread God’s message of service. (Besides, afterwards you and your friends can do the two ideas listed above!)