Brown County Teen Leadership Program Seeks Sophomore Applicants

Danielle Lippert , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Every year Brown County hosts a teen leadership program. The program is for sophomores in high schools all over Brown County.

The program’s mission is “to build and strengthen emerging young leaders with skills, knowledge and experiences that prepare them to be effective partners for positive change in Brown County.”

“It seems like a really beneficial program, and I think I could grow from it,” said Clare Ravizza, one of the applicants for the teen leadership program.

The leadership program features eight full-day sessions between October of 2015 and May of 2016, and each day focuses on a new theme. Each session is held at a different place in Brown County. The program is free of charge.

The first session is on September 10, and it is the kickoff night. The second session is on October 8 and focuses on team building. The second session is located in Sturgeon Bay. On November 12, students will focus on economics and work force development. On December 10, they will be focusing on government and youth advocacy. January 7 is health and fitness day, and February 11 is arts and media day. March 10 is diversity day, and April 14 is environment day. The last session, on May 12, focuses on community and school action. At the end of May, the students will graduate from the program

“I think it will look really good on college applications. I also want to develop my leadership skills so I can come to help people,” said freshman Ben Weber, who is planning on applying for the program.

In order to get into the program, sophomore students need to fill out an application. The application includes two essays by the student and a school or community representative statement of support.

The applications are due on May 29. On June 8, all applicants will be notified about their status. June 15-16 the top 50 applicants will be interviewed, and on the week of July 10, the students will be selected and notified.

“I want to enhance my leadership skills,” said Cole Cullen, another freshman at Notre Dame.

If any 2015-16 sophomores would like to apply to the Brown County Teen Leadership Program, the applications can be found on Greater Green Bay’s website.