BYOD Coming to Notre Dame

Monserrat Bustamante , Staff Writer

In an interview with Technology Director Gina Fredrick, reporter Monserrat Bustamante learned the details about  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which is coming full scale to NDA next year.  Smartphones do not count as an acceptable device for the classroom.

Q: Can you describe what BYOD means ?

A: Bring Your Own Device – students can bring their own digital device from home.  


Q: What led to the decision of students having their devices with them ?

A: The Tech Committee of faculty and staff  researched for 6-7 years and concluded it could save parents having to buy notebooks, binders and folders.


Q: What are some pros of students having their device with them during school hours?

A: Instant access to information.  Whether it is teacher or student, collaboration lets you do group work; it is meeting the students’ levels.


Q: What are some cons of students having their device with them during school hours ?

A: Distractions will be a major problem.


Q: Is this a test run to see how people do with BYOD or this a permanent thing ?

A: This is required and set for the Fall of 2016.  This year is a test year but encouraged at the teacher’s discretion.


Q: For those who do not or can not bring their device with them, will one be provided for them ?

A: The school will provide them with ipads.


Q: What will happen to those who misuse their device ?

A: Those who use their devices will have to abide by the Technology Acceptable Use Policy. Consequences for misuse is outlined in the handbook; we are also asking students what they think is fair for consequences.