National Speaker Here Tuesday for Students, Parents

National Speaker Here Tuesday for Students, Parents

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Renowned pediatrician Dr.Meg Meeker will be speaking to Notre Dame students and parents Tuesday, Oct. 25.

During the day, Meeker will talk to the students about abstinence from a Catholic’s perspective, and at 7 p.m., she will speak to the parents about good parenting.

Meeker has been a practicing pediatrician for over 30 years. She also knows a thing or two about good parenting; she has four kids of her own and one granddaughter.

Meeker has written six books about parents’ relationship with their child or children. She also has a blog and co-hosts a podcast called “Parenting Good Kids.” Meeker is a co-host on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show.

Meeker has also started two foundations, Food for the Hungry and The Strong Parent Project. The Strong Parent Project includes one-year access to “The 12 Principles for Raising Great Kids,” e-book downloads, a video series and podcasts. A portion of the amount paid to The Strong Parent Project goes to Meeker’s organization, Food for the Hungry.

Mrs. Cheryl DeMeuse, parent leader for Notre Dame’s APP2 (Allies for Positive Parenting), worked with Associate Principal Greg Masarik to get Meeker here to speak to the parents and students of Notre Dame.

The enthusiasm right off the bat was very high,” said DeMeuse. DeMeuse and the other parents of APP2 had heard of Meeker’s work and her books on parenting.

DeMeuse first got involved with APP2 when a friend of hers asked if she wanted to join three years ago.

“APP2 is such a nice chance for parents to meet other NDA parents, learn together and develop relationships with others that share their same values and concerns,” said DeMeuse.

DeMeuse also loves when they can find speakers that can speak to the students as well as the parents.

I love the fact that the speakers we have brought in talked to the kids during the day on specific subjects in a fun, relatable way and then come back and talk to the parents on either similar or sometimes different subjects that we can relate to as parents,” said DeMeuse.

“ I am excited to continue to learn and grow as a parent and feel Dr. Meeker is a wonderful role model to look to in terms of parenting in today’s world,” said DeMeuse.