Molly Gallagher Chosen for Press-Gazette All-Academic Team

Abby Wittler, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Molly Gallagher, an NDA senior, has recently been awarded a place on the Press Gazette All-Academic Team.

This team is a way to recognize local students for their commitment and excellence in their academics. Each year ten students are chosen and featured in the paper throughout a two- week time period.

There were 30 schools in the area that were asked to recommend a student for this team, and out of the 26 schools that submitted participants, a small panel of judges selected 10.

I was nominated by Mrs. Bain and then was required to complete an application. After she and I both submitted a short essay, a panel of judges chose from 26 students to be on the Academic Team,” said Gallagher about how she was first introduced to the idea of this team.

She had to fill out an application that included her transcript, extracurriculars, honors and awards, postgraduate plan, and a short essay.

This award is given to the students who are believed to be most qualified, not only in their academics but also in what they do for the community.

Gallagher is ranked number four in her class and also participates in soccer, ASTRA, NDA Witness, and many other things in the community.  Her essay centered around appreciating one’s blessings and not stressing over the demands of life.

I was extremely honored and humbled to receive this nomination. There are so many people in our senior class who are equally if not more deserving of this award, and I’m sure the nominations from the other schools were the same way,” said Gallagher