Premontre Alumni Donate Touchscreen, Scholarship Money to NDA


James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalis

Premontre alumni recently donated a high-tech touchscreen as well as $70,000 to be used for scholarships. The new touchscreen is up and running the school Commons.

Premontre alumni from the class of 1979 and the 1978 state championship football team decided to donate something that could be used to display the NDA Hall of Fame.

The touchscreen is located in the Commons because the donors wanted students as well as guests to be able to use it to look up information about Notre Dame.

NDA president Kevin Shaw, who worked closely with these alumni, said, “A lot of these guys have done well throughout the years and wanted to give back to Notre Dame.”

Individuals donated different amounts of money. According to Shaw, “Some gave 10 bucks, and others gave $10,000.”

Shaw came up with the idea to buy a touchscreen with donations after seeing touchscreens all over St. Norbert College displaying campus information.

Although the touchscreen currently has only Hall of Fame information on it, Shaw is looking forward to adding more content, such as student information, calendars, music and videos.

As English teacher Carolyn Brown remarked, “It’s limitless what could be put on there.”

The touchscreen is not the only gift given by the group.

Along with the touchscreen, funds were donated for student scholarships. Shaw explained how these scholarships will be given to students with financial need, so that anyone who wants to come to Notre Dame will be able to do so.

Another gift given by the alumni group will be a mentorship program start-up.

This program will include working professionals in a wide range of fields coming into Notre Dame to speak, mentor and advise students on future careers and aspirations.

Shaw gave the example of a doctor mentoring a student on the steps to get ready for college, how to apply to medical school or eventually how to start a career.

This mentorship program will benefit the students at NDA and give them an advantage on choosing their career and starting a life-long profession.

Shaw expressed his gratitude towards the generous men and women who give to NDA to make the school what it is today.