NDA Receives Two Grants for Safety Technology from State

Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Notre Dame has received two safety grants from the new law passed by the Wisconsin Department of Justice giving $20,000 to multiple schools.

According to Associate Principal Greg Masarik, the new law released $100,000,000 dollars to be used for safety technology to public and private schools.

Notre Dame applied for the first round and second round, when the first round did not use all the money, and was accepted for both.

Some requirements for the first grant were to install locks on all classroom doors (which Notre Dame already had) and to equip the atrium glass with 3M shatter-resistant film which cost $2700.

The point of this is to “buy time” by holding the glass together if it were to be destroyed until the police got here to “neutralize the threat.”

Notre Dame also plans on installing a system of internal security cameras.

Round 2 of the grant will bring about mental health training to make Notre Dame a  “trauma sensitive” school.

The plan is to train a group of the staff so they can train the other staff members.

Another plan is a visitor management screening system which will scan the drivers’ licenses of visitors to see if there are any reasons they should not be in our school.

The plan is to also install more 3M film on the exit doors all around the school and on the doors leading into the commons to ensure extra safety.

Another plan is to install door magnets which will include a switch that could easily lock all doors to a particular room and trap intruders.

For the convenience of the staff, electronic key fobs will be installed so the door will lock behind them, preventing the accident of leaving a door unlocked.

The job of watching over safety is done by the administrators of the school but only “we [administrators, teachers, and students] together” can keep this school safe.

Masarik advises all students to “tell an adult” if they hear or see anything that could possibly be a threat to this community.