Chastity Speaker Challenges Students With Facts, Humor, & Faith


Hannah Vanden Heuvel, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Notre Dame welcomed Jason Evert to the auditorium Monday, November 15.

The administration brought Evert back to speak on chastity after receiving great feedback from students when he came to NDA a few years ago.

“He did a really good job keeping his talk interesting. He held the audience’s attention the whole time and added humor,” said senior Anna Grzelak.

Evert opened the talk by calling up a student volunteer to help him demonstrate “how far is too far.”

The audience chuckled at Evert’s opening. Evert pretended to be walking closer and closer to the edge of the Grand Canyon while carrying sophomore Jacob LeMay over his shoulder, asking the audience if he should keep going.

Evert proceeded by discussing modesty as a tool to teach others of one’s dignity, pointing out the dangers of porn, and discussing the challenge of trying to fulfill society’s gender roles.

“He had a lot of statistics and personal stories. His purpose was not to condemn anyone,” said Grzelak.

He explained to the students that love is not having whatever you want or what feels good to you.

“It [chastity] is the love test,” said Evert, who interspersed humor throughout his talk.

Evert suggested considering your future spouse and to hold yourself to the standards you wish them to have. Essentially, be faithful to your spouse before you meet them.

He provided suggestions to aid in stopping lust, such as surrounding yourself with good friends and only dating people you could see yourself marrying.

“Your sexual attraction is not your identity,” said Evert.

Evert explained that humans are supposed to be attracted to things attractive and repulsed by things repulsive; consequently, society is over-sexualizing reality.  “Even shutters are described as sexy!” he exclaimed.

He encouraged students to use the day for renewal and a specified chance to start over.

“All I ask for is to please pray for students,” concluded Evert.

He shared he would continue the day speaking to more schools.

Following Evert’s talk students had the opportunity to attend adoration and reconciliation in the chapel, discuss the topics with their homerooms and pick up free copies of Evert’s books.

The school closed the half day with an all-school Eucharistic procession and benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

More information on Evert and his resources can be found on