Schaut & Zeise Look Forward to Saturday’s Show


Ava Vande Corput, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This Saturday night history will be made at Notre Dame when an iconic event will no longer be the same.

For many years, Mr. NDA, an event focused on 15 junior and senior boys participating in pagent type activities, has been one of Notre Dame’s largest fundraisers.

However, this year, Mr. NDA’s name will be replaced with Academy Awards due to two females Anna Schaut and Katherine Zeise being voted into the show after all positions in the show were opened to males and females.

“I wanted to be in the show for the experience. I have loved the show ever since I saw it for the first time in eighth grade. Jack Pavek’s tight pants talent dance really sparked my interest,” said Schaut.

Both Schaut and Zeise are very excited to be in the show, but they are keeping their plans a secret until Saturday night.

“I’m trying to keep my plans for the show a secret, but some people know the general idea of my intro and talent,” said Zeise.

Schaut agreed when she said, “I’m about 99% positive what I am doing for the show at this point.”

Though both girls are very enthusiastic about being in the show; however, many other students were not so enthusiastic about allowing girls into Mr. NDA for fear girls would get too dramatic or their feelings hurt.

“Most of my friends were very supportive, but there were definitely some that were against it. I understand that this new show is breaking tradition, but it was going to have to happen eventually, whether it was this year or ten years from now,” said Schaut.

However, both Schaut and Zeise are up for the challenge and are not scared of heckling or failing.

“I don’t really believe there is a way that I can fail here. As long as I am having fun with my ideas, I think I am succeeding,” stated Schaut.

“I don’t think people will heckle or boo, but if they do, I know it’s just because they fear change and would boo any girl for being in the show. I know it is not personal. However, I will not fail because I’ve been preparing and practicing almost every day for the show. I will not stop until I am 100% confident that it’s amazing and it’s the best it can be. Most of all, I’m just excited to have fun on stage with my friends,” said Zeise.

Schaut and Zeise also agree that they do not feel threatened by any of the boys in the show, and also said that many of the guys have been extremely helpful and supportive.

Through the support of the other guys and the teachers, Zeise and Schaut feel they are ready to perform in front of the student bodies, but they still feel some pressures of being the first two girls in the show.

“I feel a ton of pressure. As one of the first female contestants, I have to go bigger and better in order to make my portion of the show good or funny enough for the audience’s liking,” said Schaut.

Zeise agreed when she said, “There’s obviously a lot of pressure to be funny. For example, a guy could say or do something, and it’ll be really funny just because they’re a man. However, if a girl does it, it’s a hit or miss. So, everything I do has to be amazing, not just good, due to everything I do will be up to criticism.”

Though both girls feel a lot of pressure, they are both extremely glad the gender barrier is broken.

“I am so happy and excited that Anna and I could be the first women in the show and pave the way for all the younger girls and generations to come. I can’t wait for a few years until now where girls being in the show is mainstream and normal. Some girls aren’t funny just like some boys aren’t funny, and I don’t think there should be any reason why everyone can’t participate or at least have a chance to,” said Zeise.