Cast Selected for Spring Play


Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Imagine Señora Dory in the auditorium with the cast list. The parts for this year’s play Clue have just been announced and the actors and actresses are ready to add another spectacular show to NDA’s repertoire.

Jack Christensen, a sophomore cast as Professor Plum, is excited to take on the role. “He’s a flirtatious guy so this will be very fun.”

Christensen, a flirtatious character himself, auditioned because he enjoyed being in last year’s play. “It’s such a cool experience especially since the cast is pretty small so we all get really close.”

Auditions consisted of a monologue and cold readings with other potential cast members.

“My monologue was about eating silica gel packs, which I would not recommend,” shared Christensen. “I was nervous about saying my monologue because I kind of found it last second.”

Mattea Vecera, a junior, found herself cast as Mrs. Peacock. “In most productions, she is portrayed as a church-going powerhouse of a woman who is a bit crazy and on the verge of hysteria… so that should be fun!”

Vecera was Marilyn Monet in Divine Stella Divine (last year’s play) and has been a part of the last three musicals as well as two Next Stage productions. “I also spent many years taking classes and doing shows at Birder Studio.”

Vecera auditioned with a monologue about a woman questioning if she had an angel looking out for her or not. “It was originally a really serious monologue, but I put a comedic  twist to it.”

Colonel Mustard will be played by Theo Van Straten, a senior who has been a part of NDA’s last two plays. He admits he knows nothing about his character but the play has “always been a grand ol time.”

Van Straten auditioned with a dramatic rendering of a scene from the Spongebob Movie and said he is “most excited and nervous to work with the #1ANDONLY Señora Dory.”

When asked what he would say to those who might be considering auditioning next year, Theo proclaimed, “We’re really not that weird.”

Vecera considers last year’s play her favorite high school experience so far. “The friendships I gained during it and previous ones I grew made it so amazing on and off the stage.”

Christensen agrees, “Give it a shot!”

Other members of the cast include Sam Ruffell, Rebekah Boucher, Anna Zimmerman, Maggie Otradovec, Jake VanderLeest, Grace Gunville, Henry Kanning, Shayla Cauldwell, Alex Prikockis, Cashay Lewis, Jacob Massart, Charlie Rickards, Theo Phan, Anna Lippert and Ava Van Straten.