Courtney Romes to Attend Women in Engineering at Michigan Tech


Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Junior Courtney Romes will attend the Women in Engineering summer program at Michigan Tech.

On April 7 Romes submitted an application for the program online. The application included items, such as classes that she is currently taking and will be taking next year, her cumulative GPA, class rank, a school transcript from NDA, a teacher recommendation from a teacher and personal responses to several questions.

“I have wanted to go to Michigan Tech for a long time since my mom, dad and grandpa are alumni, and I have visited Houghton and the campus more than enough times through my life,” said Romes.

The program begins July 28 and will end August 3.

“I learned about this program from my mom because she always keeps up with what is going on at Tech and likes to get involved in programs with women in STEM fields,” said Romes.

From this program she hopes to learn more about the different fields of engineering and what she could do in her future. This is also an opportunity for her to experience the campus as a student and not just a visitor passing through. She hopes to meet people with the same interests as herself, possibly people she will attend college with.

“I hope that this will help me to narrow down my ideas of what I want to do for a career in the future. I also hope that this prepares me a bit more for my college experience and what to expect in the future at Michigan Tech,” said Romes.

If she decides to go into engineering, she would like to become either a biomedical or chemical engineer. She is also considering the physical therapy path.

This experience will prepare her for future possibilities as well as give her a better insight into what it takes to be an engineer.

After attending this summer program Romes may have a different outlook on her future–both her college and her career.