Three International Students from Spain Seeking Host Families for a Month

Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Dercks family, whose son and daughter recently graduated from NDA, has created a lifelong friendship through an organization called International Friendship.

“We continue to be in contact with our host child–who is now in college,” said Jennifer Dercks.

The organization helps children wanting to visit another country find a host family well suited for them during their visiting period.

Elijah Dercks has stayed with his previous host child in Spain. They appear to be forever international-friends. The host child’s family is encouraging the entire Dercks family to come and visit them in Spain.

“I had no idea we would benefit ourselves through the opportunity of international friendship and experience.  I thought we were just doing something to help out a child. Turns out, we all now share a beautiful experience with each other,” said Mrs. Dercks.

This summer three devoted Catholic students from Spain are looking for host families that will be attending mass on a regular basis. The visiting period is 28 days and Robert, 12, Raul, 14, and Beatriz, 15, would like to experience faith in Wisconsin while visiting.

All international students will be in the Midwest for 28 days this summer. There is a June group that will be here from June 28-July 26 and an August group July 29-August 26.

It is the intention of International Friendship to find a family to match each student from Spain by May 28.

“The reason that I’d love for everyone to learn about this opportunity is because growing up being an international host family totally rocked my world and childhood. It was awesome to have the world come to our doorstep and learn about other people’s way of life, way of thinking, way of being/speaking/cooking/thinking and beyond,” said a host family member who invited a child to the U.S..

As a family, the hosts have had the opportunity to love, learn, grow and have a wonderful international friendship. It is also an opportunity to learn while making memories.

If interested in the program people are encouraged to go to the website to learn more. This site will have sign up sheets and more explanations.

The site also includes letters of introduction by the three students from Spain wanting to find a host family in Green Bay.