Future Business Leaders Club Focuses on Finances, Leadership


Lauren Van Gheem, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy has many different clubs to get involved in, including one of the newest clubs FBLA.

“A main focus of Future Business Leaders of America is leadership. We get to go to a lot of leadership conferences. They are really enjoyable,” said Bella Zingler-Hoslet, senior at NDA who helped start the club.

The club was started last year around November by several students, including Scott Russell, Abby VanOoyen, Lydia Sladek, Charles Peterson, Audrey Sladek, Noah Sternig and Zingler-Hoslet. The moderator of the club is Scott Russll’s dad. 

These students realized there was a need and want at Notre Dame for a club focused on finances and leadership.

“People should join FBLA because it is actually really fun,” said Zingler-Hoslet, “You get to learn a lot about business and also the world around you.”

To join the club, members must give Russell their name, number, email and what lunch they are in.

Zingler-Hoslet said, “At the beginning of the year we are going to regularly meet on the first Tuesday of every month, but once competitions start we will meet more, along with any other special events we have.”

The club consists of different events and projects worked on and prepared for the competitions. 

“You can choose an event from a huge list of different events and then work on the project for competition like regional, state and nationals,” she said. 

The competitions include taking accounting tests, building your own website, and making a mock business and presenting it. 

Zingler-Hoslet said, “Outside of just the competitions we actually do a lot of service. This year we are focusing on the Children’s Museum of Green Bay.”

This year club members will be touring different local businesses to get an idea of how a successful business is run. The club also goes to conferences to learn different skills.  

“This club really opened my eyes to the world of business and taught me a lot about professionalism,” said Zimgler-Hoslet. “It will help you understand how many businesses work in our small Green Bay area and also reach out to the rest of the U.S..”