Environmental Club Collecting Sanitation Items for Wildlife Sanctuary

Maxwell Baek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

In today’s day and age, our world is facing several crises. Between the political unrest in the country and the COVID-19 epidemic, it’s easy to forget that climate change is slowly killing our planet. Because of massive carbon emissions, deforestation and ocean acidification, among other harmful effects of climate change, more and more natural wildlife is at increased risk.

However, several students at NDA have resolved to make an impact in combating this great harm. The NDA Environmental Club, led by senior Briana Fitzgerald, has come together over the past two years to make a difference in habitats around the world. 

The club is currently conducting its first large sanitation drive to impact the Wildlife Sanctuary.

The drive runs through April 23, which is Earth Day. Collection bins are in the school atrium for items ranging from bleach to paper towels.

 “The main goal for the drive is to collect as many products as we possibly can for the Wildlife Sanctuary,” the senior explained. “We do not have a dollar goal, but we have a goal to collect 100 products.” 

Junior officers Stella Cuene and Skylar Schultz are also part of the leadership team.

“We are looking to collect bleach, laundry detergent, hand soap, reusable rubber gloves, dish soap, paper towels, and baby wipes,” Fitzgerald said. 

These items are to make sure that artificial habitats, Wildlife Sanctuary employees and any type of animal-holding enclosure can remain clean, sanitary and free from harmful bacteria. 

While these items may not immediately bring to mind thoughts of restoring wildlife, sanitation remains a major part of what the Wildlife Sanctuary needs to accomplish its goals. Visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary website to view their wishlist, Fitzgerald noticed that many of the items needed fell into the sanitation category, which gave her the idea to lead a sanitation drive. 

With the goal of reaching 100 sanitary products being lofty, but attainable, the Environmental Club is calling upon their fellow students to contribute to the cause. 

The advisory that brings in the most supplies will win a donut breakfast. Donations can be dropped off in the atrium but need to include the student’s name and advisory teacher. Students can earn 0.25 hours towards service for each item donated.

For more information, or if you wish to donate, please reach out to bfi[email protected]  to help them reach their goal.