Softball Girls Gear Up for Spring Season

Emma Prebelski, Staff Writer

The Notre Dame girls softball team made it far last year. It was the furthest the program has ever made it in school history. A lot of people including parents, players, and fans are expecting a lot from the team this upcoming season.

Kendra Noble was one of the team captains last season and is very proud of her team. She is expecting a lot from her team in the upcoming season: “This year we are returning with the full team from last year since we graduated no seniors. It was the best season that Notre Dame softball has had in terms of winning and ability. Last year we were just getting all of the pieces together and things are moving in the right direction for the program. We are hoping to improve even more and compete for a conference title, as well as making a deep run into the playoffs to give ourselves the chance to compete at state.”

All the players on the team are expecting a lot from the team, and from themselves. Megan Saarri, last year was the only freshman on Varsity. “I expected myself to have to work my hardest since I had the least experience as a high school softball player and a big spot to fill,” Megan said.

But Megan seemed to fit right in, Megan said she expected to be made fun of  alot because she was a freshman, but that didn’t happen at all. She was seen as a big part of the team, and helped them make it far into the playoffs. She hopes for the team to make it farther into the playoffs and to have a spot again on the field.

Megan is hoping to be a leader once she is an upperclassman, and says she has good role models right now on the team so she will have a good sense of how to be a true team captain.

Both Kendra and Megan are preparing in the off season for spring. Both have been doing work outs, and Megan has been doing a lot of work to strengthen her arm and also speed training.

Though Kendra is getting herself ready, as a captain she is preparing her team for the spring as well. “We do some offseason workouts that will be starting soon as well as open gyms that start in the winter. We also play together in an indoor league in Appleton once a week in the winter. The offseason work definitely pays off by the time season rolls around,””. Kendra sSaid.

The whole team is looking forward to the season, Megan said. “I am so excited, we could skip winter!”

As both Kendra and Megan have said, there is have a great group of leaders on the team this year. “ We have a great group of seniors that will be leading the team this year so I am very excited because we have a lot of potential to do big things. We have many talented players up and down the whole lineup. The team chemistry was great at the end of last season so if we bring that with us this year it is going to be an unbelievable year for Triton softball” Kendra said.

Last season we had a new coach on the coaching staff, Shannen Schmidt. Shannen’s softball career ended at Saint Norbert’s College just two years ago. At that time she had strong connections with a past coach at Notre Dame named Mike Roberts. Mike Roberts coached at the school for one season, and he called Coach Shannen and said that they were still looking for a coach. Shannen went to the first open gym and she was convinced that NDA was the home for her.

She has enjoyed her first season coaching the girls and is looking forward to the upcoming season. S, she saidys she is expecting a lot from her team. and is looking forward to the season. “Yes I am looking forward to the season starting. One reason is seeing all the girls again. Also since I saw what the team did last year I have lofty goals for the team and am excited to put them in place. Lastly, we did not lose any players so seeing the same girls come back stronger and closer is going to be exciting to see.”.

Everyone on the team is expecting a lot from both their teammates and coaches, but there are a few things everyone seemed to want to change.

Coach Shannen said, “The only thing I would change about the team’s dynamics is the work ethic and closeness of the teammates.”